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Black Alumni Week featured a range of alumni and student-centered activities and programs from March 28 to 30. These included faculty and alumni receptions, a student career development conference, scholarship awards luncheon and film festival among others. There were also a range of off-campus parties to create a positive atmosphere, which increases the return of alumni and encourages them to invest their time into the activities.

“We needed space and time for us,” Aubria Nance, president of the Black Alumni Caucus (BAC) at West Chester University said.

It is not all about partying for the BAC; there were a variety of events that took place as well.

“If I Knew Then, What I Know Now” panel discussion featured alumni insights of the “real world.” Over 40 students participated in this event.

The Mahogany Moments Alumni reception brought alumni together from several decades.

“The Black Professional Exchange Forum” organized alumni from different career backgrounds to deliver academic and corporate etiquette, management and entrepreneurial content to students.

“The Black Light Scholarship Awards Luncheon” provided an opportunity for BAC to award scholarships to student organizations such as the Black Student Union, Black Men United, Delta Sigma, Alpha Phi Alpha and Kappa Alpha Psi. This was a way to recognize their peers for academic excellence and commitment to social change.

Amber Battle, vice president of BAC said, “The Black Light Scholarship Awards Luncheon was successful and a great opportunity.” Two students received book scholarships that were given at this event. Rayon Fulton, who plans to attend graduate school received money towards his textbooks. Latoya Pollitt, who is also a student at WCU, received money towards textbooks for next semester.

There were few Black alumni that returned to WCU for Homecoming and other activities. The BAC created an environment in which Black students and graduates from WCU can feel and see that they are part of this institution.

This past week provided was an opportunity for students and alumni to come together and share different experiences of their past and also create memories for the future. Latifah Fields said, “This week means reconnection to our past and catching up. It is also about making new friends, and mentoring.”

A party was held on Saturday night in Sykes Ballroom at 10 p.m. It was a great opportunity for everyone to be together and celebrate the week. The dress code was formal attire and there were refreshments and a DJ. All donations from that night went to book scholarships for students.

The BAC was established in 1965, to help to build connections among Black students, alumni and the campus community at large. The aim of the organization is to create meaningful and deep relationships. Over the years, the BAC has played significant roles in commencement ceremonies, leadership development programs and mentoring initiatives.

Overall, this week meant a great deal to students and alumni. It was a great start to make history for BAC Alumni week.

The Office of Alumni Affairs, Black Student Union, Black and Latino Greek Council, Black Men United, Department of Communication Studies, Department of Geography and Planning and Office of Multicultural Affairs made generous more and financial contributions to the success of Black Alumni Weekend.

For additional information about BAC’s Alumni Weekend, contact Aubria Nance at

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