Sun. Jul 3rd, 2022

My name is Jack Barnett and I am the new Op-Ed editor of The Quad. This is an important duty and I plan on doing the best job I can. This requires hard work and ingenuity. I take on this responsibility with the reverence that The Quad deserves.
The Op-Ed position is unique in the newspaper for it is about personal opinions. This is not about reporting events but giving your view on them. For example, you would not just report on the results of the 2012 elections. You would write about if you believe the right person won or give a theory about why one candidate did win. This gives analysis instead of reporting. I would like to continue giving well-informed and intelligent opinions to the readers. The last Op-Ed editor, Bill Hanrahan, was an excellent editor. He taught me everything about this position. From editing to formatting to collecting articles, I have been taught well. I hope to keep the tradition of the Op-Ed position alive. The articles I will write will hopefully mix current and campus events. The first article I wrote was about the Obama presidency. As much as I enjoy researching and writing about current events, I understand that this is a school newspaper. Articles should highlight campus life and events. This will involve students in the Op-Ed because it makes it relatable. The current events articles also bring the students in, but the campus articles are about the college experience. As a college newspaper it is our duty to write about this. Both types of articles will be in the newspaper next year. Writing and posting a varied amount of articles gives The Quad diversity. This is very exciting for me.
I remember when I submitted an article to The Quad at the beginning of the smester. I sent my e-mail not expecting to get feedback for quite some time. To my surprise I got immediate feedback about my article. The surprises did not end there. I had no idea I would be recruited to be the next op-ed editor. When I did get the e-mail asking me if I was interested, it did not take me long to say yes. The prospect of working on the school newspaper intrigued me. I replied yes and the rest of the semester was building up to this point. I came in most Sundays this semester studying the craft. There was a lot more work in making the newspaper then I thought. It was not simply copying and pasting the articles. Meticulous work goes into creating not just an Op-Ed article but any school newspaper article. You must meet deadlines, profread, and organize the layout. Every paper you read weekly has been done with much care by the staff of The Quad. Every staff member takes their job seriously. I will try to work just as hard in my work as the other members. Taking over this position is something I am comfortable with because I have been trained well for this position. I still know it is not over. I have a lot to learn and I plan keep trying to do the best I can.
The next important thing for my position is something I do not have much control over. That is getting articles in for The Quad from the public. That can only happen if I get articles from readers like you. Next year I will be open to any articles that are sent to me. You can do this by either e-mailing me at the name at the end or at I am very excited about taking over the Op-Ed position for The Quad. I will work my hardest to do the position justice.
Jack Barnett is a third-year student majoring in history and political science. He can be reached at

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