Sun. Jan 23rd, 2022

I am writing this letter anonymously because I, like most people, do not want to be identified publicly with this issue: there’s a serious problem at WCU, caused by the WCU administration. In an apparent ill-thought-out effort to save money, WCU has ridiculously replaced paper towels in restrooms with blow dryers:

1. Most people hate blow dryers and won’t use them. Andy Rooney even did a segment years ago on “60 Minutes” about this fact – he was humorously “exposing” that most people don’t like them and won’t use them (he included himself).
2. WCU has only one blow dryer in each restroom. At class change time, people either line up to use them or just walk out without washing their hands (it is too much trouble). If WCU insists on their use, WCU needs to install at least 2, maybe 3, in each restroom – which probably will cost WCU more than paper towels! Again, people either line up and wait – or just don’t wash their hands at all out of frustration.
3. WCU is not saving any money – the obvious problems with health outweigh any possible savings from eliminating paper towels. Most countries even acknowledge the importance of hand washing on “International Hand – Washing Day.” Perhaps it’s time for WCU to join effort since it’s the year 2012.
4. Recently, a school district in a similar attempt to save money stopped supplying toilet papers and paper towels in restrooms. They just had to reverse that policy because of threated lawsuits by employees and by students’ parents over serious health concerns!

WCU needs to review this nutty policy. It’s ill conceived and ridiculous. WCU is saving nothing but is adding to health-care costs (which causes all kinds of repercussions in an educational institution). WCU needs to put paper towels back in the restrooms right away. It is a matter of sanitation and health!

A student

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