Wed. Jan 26th, 2022

The cost of the flu shot is only $25, the cost of tissues, medicine, and other preventatives can run a whole lot more. Influenza is very contagious and can cause people to miss out on days of class and hanging out with friends. One of the best ways of protecting oneself and others against the flu is to get vaccinated. The more people that get vaccinated the less the flu will spread on campus.

Other ways to protect oneself and fellow students from the flu is by coughing or sneezing into a tissue or your sleeve rather than your hands and making sure to wash your hands regularly. Flu shots and good hygiene are the best way to fight the flu.

If there are any questions and concerns about this vaccination or others, feel free to contact the Health and Wellness center on the second floor of Wayne Hall. Pay by check only at the clinic or pay at the Bursar’s Office or the Student Health and Wellness Center

Listed below are times and dates for flu shots.

Flu Shot Clinic:

10/22: Lawrence from 10-2

10/29: Lawrence from 10-2

10/30: Sykes from 10-2

10/31: Sykes from 10- 2

Erika Green is a peer educator from the Wellness Center.

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