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Oct. 20 marked the release of “The Warehouse,” the debut CD from local band Lana Avacada.The group consists of Tom Anthony (guitar, piano, vocals), James Brandolini (bass), WCU student Keith Drago (Drums), Bryan Thompson (guitar) and Michael Tonkinson (vocals).

“The Warehouse” is a quirky collection of 14 tracks, which cover a diverse range of topics such as love, text messaging, being angry at your boss and Vanessa Hudgins’ naked picture scandal.

“What’s going to happen in the sequel? I guess they’re going to have to replace her with another actress,” lead singer Tonkinson laments on the CD’s second track, playfully called “But Your Naked Pictures Were Better.” The opening track, an instrumental titled “You Were Good in ‘High School Musical.'”

Each track on “The Warehouse” demonstrates the band’s remarkable musical abilities. Each member is clearly very adept at their individual instruments. Tonkinson’s lead vocals come fast and furious, while Anthony and the rest of the band take a more mellow and laid-back approach. The contrasting styles actually end up working well together and call to mind a sound similar to Taking Back Sunday.

The disc runs a relatively scant 40 minutes, but it still feels as though it could stand to be shorter. “The Warehouse” features not one but TWO interludes (one of which is spoken word) in addition to the opening instrumental track and contains two versions of the title track, a regular cut and a radio cut. All of this seems like a bit too much.

At least one of the interludes could stand to be cut and it never seems like a good idea to include the same song twice. However, these are only minor quibbles and they don’t detract from the success of the album as a whole.

The CD’s title track is an interesting animal, calling to mind an artist that couldn’t be more different then Lana Avacada, namely Chris Rock. Now, this is a tenuous comparison, one that may take some explaining but bear with me. Rock once had a hit single called “No Sex,” which flatly forbade listeners from having sex in the champagne room

Now remember that this probably makes no sense anywhere except in my own mind, but Lana Avacada’s song resembles that riotous track in that it lists all of the things, most of which seem fun and enjoyable, that you can’t do while in “the warehouse,” a.k.a. the workplace.

One of the album’s more offbeat inclusions is a cover of the Black Eyed Peas song “Boom Boom Pow.” It’s no small feat that Lana Avacada is able to take a song from a radically different genre and incorporate it seamlessly into their own. In fact, I would wager that you wouldn’t be able to tell that it was once a hip hop song if you did not have advance notice of that fact.

The CD was released by Listening Post Music and is available to order online for the price of ten dollars. It can also be found on iTunes. You can catch Lana Avacada performing live at Fennarios with Pirouette and About a Million at 7 p.m. on Nov. 20.

“The Warehouse” is a fun debut CD from a group of kids— one of their members is still in high school— with a bright future ahead of them. Sure, the CD may linger a bit too long for its own good, but overall the trip inside “The Warehouse” is worth it.

Just make sure you set your cell phones to silent.

Verdict: B

Colin McGlinchey is a fifth-year student majoring in English with a minor in Journalism. He can be reached at

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