Mon. Jan 24th, 2022

Every day, numerous West Chester students deal with the aggravation that comes with having an automobile on campus. Between bumper-to-bumper traffic and the hassle of finding a decent parking spot, the actuality of having a car on campus can sometimes turn out to have more cons than pros.

Traffic issues at WCU continue to be a growing problem and not only cause stress to students, but can put some in dangerous situations, especially those walking to class.

Rosedale Avenue, located right in the heart of campus, has been known for its heavy traffic and vast amounts of students that cross there every day. With the opening of the new dorms this semester, there is a lot more commotion going on in this area.

Though there are a couple crosswalks along Rosedale already to ensure safe student crossing, problems still come up that can put students in hazardous situations. There have been previous reports of students being hit by traveling cars or coming fairly close to it.

Luckily, there have been no deaths reported; however, this pressing issue continues to serve as a major campus dilemma. Several university students voiced their idea about the risks along this street.

“Sometimes drivers are not paying attention to the road because they are on their phone or looking for the next song to play and they don’t realize that someone is crossing.

“In the past when this has happened, the person was not able to brake in time because they didn’t realize the student was crossing and ended up hitting them.”

Students who commute across Rosedale with their car daily state that “most of the time, pedestrians are not even looking before they cross.

“They either have their heads down or eyes on their cell phone. As operators of an automobile, it’s our responsibility to always be aware of our surroundings and they should respect that too,” commented one.

Another student commented “everyone can do their part in helping ensure safety when traveling on these busy streets.”

The question remains: what can be done to fix this problem? One option is putting another crosswalk and crosswalk sign up where the sidewalks from the new dorms cross to Sykes.

This would ensure more safety to campus students and require drivers to be more cautious when driving down this road. But nothing is set in stone yet and it would take some time for the university and borough to make any decisions regarding this traffic issue.

In the mean time, pedestrians and drivers should keep using proper precautions when traveling on Rosedale and on any street on campus.

Always pay attention to all surroundings and avoid talking or texting on cell phones while driving or using the crosswalks. Even the slightest distraction could cause a delayed reaction and end in a fatal accident.

Vicky Hoover is a fourth-year student majoring in liberal studies and minoring in journalism and education. She can be reached at

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