Sat. Jun 3rd, 2023

This summer on his I Am Still Music tour,  America’s favorite rapper Lil Wayne, known most recently for his outrageous point of view and multiple convictions, gave many people another thing to talk about. Wayne performed incredible concerts along with other known artists such as Keri Hilson, Maino, and Birdman all over the country. On July 26th, PNC Arts Center is where I personally got this amazing experience along with several thousands of other loyal fans. Lil Wayne performed all of his most popular songs such as “Every Girl in the World,” “Prom Queen,” and his latest, “How To Love.”  As one can imagine, Lil Wayne could not just simply stand on stage performing his songs– there had to be a real “show” to talk about.  

His attire consisted of baggy shorts, one green sneaker, and one blue sneaker.  His sneakers ended up in the crowd by the third song.  In between songs Lil Wayne would make several speeches or announcements to his fans, whether they were acknowledging fans’ support or sending support for fallen artists such as Pop King Michael Jackson, and more recently, Amy Whinehouse.  The crowd went wild each time Wayne had something to say and even wilder when he started to sing another hit song.  There was not a dull moment in the non-stop four hours Lil Wayne was on stage.  The power in Wayne’s voice made it easy to notice the passion and importance he holds for his music and his fans.  Out of over thirty concerts I have attended, I have to say Lil Wayne’s was the most exciting and the most fun.  On that note, I recommend to all Lil Wayne fans to attend his live concerts for an outstanding time!           Gabrielle Albert is a senior majoring in communication studies. She can be reached at

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