Mon. Jul 4th, 2022

It’s my final Dr. Teeth of the school year! This one goes out to all my dance party partners. This issue’s album of choice, the debut album of M.I.A., Arular. This one-woman dance machine has taken the music industry by storm. This not only impresses dance party enthusists around the globe, but huge names in music like SPIN Magazine, Rolling Stone, TIME, Blender and even The New York Times. M.I.A. has been noted as part of the “best of” of 2005 in these publications. M.I.A. was even named “Artist of the Year” in URB Magazine. One reason for her huge success, is her extensive knowledge and experience with politics. M.I.A. makes it a point to have her opinions, not just her music, be heard. M.I.A. has remained a bit below the radar, mostly gaining rave reviews from people on top of the music scene. Born in Sri Lanka, under the name Maya Arulpagasam, she is no stanger to politcs and power as her country was under civil war in 1986- her families’ reason for moving to London that same year. She began creating music and writing lyrics in 2002, and here we are four years later praising this one-in-a-million album.

A really unique thing about M.I.A., is that not only does she develop hip, up-to-date beats in her songs, but also incorporates different instruments and sounds. This is obviously native to her roots in the Sri Lanka area. This unique ability adds something special to M.I.A. that separates her from other dance-music sensaions like Ladytron or Le Tigre. Her album is jam-packed with groove after groove including, some must hear tracks, “Pull Up The People” and “Hombre.”

Arular is an entire dance club on one compact disc. M.I.A. never slows down nor misses a step. Could M.I.A. make my dance playlists obsolete? Maybe.

M.I.A. has videos tearing up MTV and MTV 2’s request charts for her singles “Bucky Done Gun” and “Ten Dollar.” If M.I.A. can keep up this increasing positive vibe she is getting from all levels of the media, many peace-seekers and activists hope she can make a decent size influence on something besides womens rights. (No offense, Le Tigre.)

Sadly, M.I.A. just finished up a tour scowering Europe and the West Coast, perhaps this means that since she didn’t hit us this time, she will next time. I can only imagine how much fun an M.I.A. show would be. Her music is seriously incredible, due to its unreal respectibility in not only musical excellence but in intellect as well. For more information on M.I.A. check out her Web site, Arular would be an outstanding way to start your summer!

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