Sun. Jan 16th, 2022

I was just on Facebook the other day and I found myself clicking on the Bumper Sticker application in hopes of finding a humorous, witty sticker for a friend or even my own page. After seeing sticker after sticker about Edward Cullen being the hottest vampire which made no sense to me, I stumbled upon some political stickers that, quite frankly, struck a nerve and made me a little upset. There were stickers of political candidate Sarah Palin’s face photo shopped on Hitler’s bodyLikewise, I’ve seen Barack Obama’s face on Hitler’s body and also have read things on the internet from religious groups that he’s the next anti-Christ.

Watching the news, one can hear about various celebrities bashing candidates as well as crowds at rallies making off-color comments about the opposition. Yes, freedom of speech is the right of every American, but where do we draw the line?

Consider the candidates and their families. Consider yourself and your family. Put yourself in that candidate’s position: if you were running for president, would you appreciate your face being put on Hitler’s body? How would that make you or your family feel? Hitler represents the mass murder of over six million people, how can anyone link either of these candidates to the character of such a human being guilty of such atrocities? I would like to know the logic behind linking these candidates to Hitler, wouldn’t you?

Likewise, I encourage the readership to be mindful of the comments one makes of these candidates when discussing politics and this not only goes out to the students on this campus, but the faculty as well. Picking on a candidate for how they speak , look, or their age. It just makes one look immature and ignorant of the issues. They are still human beings and should be respected for their achievements, whether one agrees with them politically or not. Each candidate personifies what it means to be an American; we should be proud that these candidates are stepping up to lead the country that made it possible for them to follow their own dreams and goals to get where they are today.

Overall, one needs to respect the fact that no matter the political affiliation of these candidates, they are Americans like you and we should refrain from the name-calling and the pettiness as it detracts from being a united nation. The last time I checked, this nation was called the United States of America and united we should stand regardless who wins the election.

Jackie D’Amico is a third-year student majoring in secondary education English.

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