Tue. Jan 18th, 2022

My favorite part about Valentine’s Day will always be the chocolate. It’s similar to the approach of St. Patrick’s Day, with McDonald’s limited edition of the shamrock milkshakes. You don’t have to have Irish blood to enjoy it and you know every year you can look forward to the sale. It’s the same concept with Valentine’s. 

I couldn’t imagine couples going to McDonalds for Valentine’s, but I realize not every couple has dinner at the fancy restaurants. I remember I had work one night on Valentine’s. Our main customers that Tuesday night were mostly our usual customers who order the same items. My co-worker and I knew we had an easy night of work, since we realized not many people would bring their dates to a deli.                      

One couple came in, she immediately sat down while he ordered. He ordered them sandwiches and a plate with the vegetables on the side. He instructed me to neatly structure the veggies, and winked at me when he told me to make it look nice.

The middle-aged couple seemed to enjoy their dinner, sitting in the booth. They were the only people who enjoyed our seating area in the five-hour shift I worked. Their dinner seemed so simple and yet they seemed to have a good night.                     

I said to my male co-worker how I thought I would have a different reaction than the man’s date. Valentines dinner at a deli . . . did he forget to call in their reservation? My co-worker told me he and his girlfriend planned to meet when they were done their shifts. He promised her he’d bring home dinner, hoagies from work. I watched the couple continue to talk as they sat there, and I realized that this day is another example of how simple things in life are better. After all, it’s just another day.


~Ginger Rae


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