Mon. Jan 17th, 2022

I am in love. Apollo Sunshine is better than caffeine. Sixties surf rock meshed with an obvious, undying love for the Beatles has brought about this Boston group. The trio of Jesse Gallagher, Sam Cohen and Jeremy Black were all students at Boston’s Berklee School of Music when they met and decided to make this incredible music sensation. Apollo Sunshine’s debut album, Katonah, was released in 2003, with immediate success. They began opening for big-name bands such as Sonic Youth, The Decemberists and The Roots. They then decided to add second guitarist Sean Alyward to spice up their flavorful sound. Apollo Sunshine played over 300 shows in support of Katonah and decided to make another album, of today’s discussion- the self-titled, Apollo Sunshine.

This album starts off so energetic, it’s almost unbearable. Every strum of the guitar, tap of the drum and lull of harmonized vocals sends my senses wild- especially my ears. Apollo Sunshine is the definition of ear candy!

Even just the 33 seconds of “A Finger Pointing at the Moon” is shear perfection. This track is honestly one of my favorites. It’s pretty darn adorable.

Apollo Sunshine is a peppier, happier version of Modest Mouse. Though Modest Mouse is incredible, these guys are much more fun! Swinging your hips to a ’60s influenced rock band has never been more in style and the nonsensical, carefree flair these boys add is irresistible, especially in tracks like “Today is the Day” and “Eyes.” These are the songs that make you happy the sun is shining and you’re alive! How many bands can do that?

If the Beatles are your schtick, “Magnolia” has to be a lost track from Let It Be. It’s eerie.

The cutesy-ness oozes out of tracks like “God,” “Bed” and “Ghost” for those of you in love with being in love with heartfelt melodies and lyrics.

If you’re interested in Apollo Sunshine, but can’t quite decide what they sound like, here’s a short and perhaps even more complicated list of bands that remind me Apollo Sunshine: The Eels, The Unicorns, and Outkast. I said they were fun!

If that doesn’t catch your attention, I’m at a loss. I highly recommend this band to everyone! Lucky for us here in close proximity to the City of Brotherly Love, Apollo Sunshine are playing at the First Unitarian Church in Philadelphia on Saturday, April 28! Go! Go! Go! They will be playing with The Lily’s, Bitter Bitter Weeks and Levy.

If you are interested in other news or merchandise dealing with Apollo Sunshine, you can check out their website, It’s very rare that a band this inventive, interesting and unique comes along. As you would seize your day, seize Apollo Sunshine. Give them one listen and you’ll be hooked.

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