Mon. Jan 24th, 2022

To the Editor,

Lindsay’s Garden is here for you! Hello everyone! I wanted to let you know about the new addition to Lawrence Dining Hall this semester. Lindsay’s Garden is the “healthy options” idea we came up with in response to so many students’ requests, vegetarian and omnivore alike. The idea is to offer a wide variety of highly nutritious vegtables and whole grains with an option of lean meats and and dairy products. We culled our recipe database for flavors from around the world, and I’ve done extensive research on nurtrition to try to provide you all, my friends and peers, with a great meal that is providing you with a serious punch of your day’s nutritive needs.

As a practicing vegan for over a year now, and a friend to many people with a variety of dietary needslike Celiac’s Disease, diabetes and other allergies and conditions-I understand how hard it can be sometimes to find food that not only tastes good, but also has any real nutritional value! I’ve done my best to bring to the table what I think you all want, and what I think you might like to try-maybe something you’ve never thought of before. Judging by what people are telling me so far, I’m on the right track. Please everyone remember, dining services are here for you! We want to give you what you want. We not only encourage suggestions, we bribe and beg you for them! We’ve already encorporated great new things like cage-free eggs and more organic options, and we work every day to find new creative ways to reduce waste and decrease costs, keeping our plans as low-cost as possibe. I tell my friend it’s the best deal in town, and I believe that. I feel blessed to have found this place, and I am so excited to see you all every day to share lunch and dinner at Lindsay’s Garden.

Lindsay Silcox

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