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“Halo 3 ODST” is the fifth entry in the lauded video game series. This game is also the second to last entry from Bungie games.

With that being said, hardcore “Halo” fans are expecting a lot from this game.

“ODST” delivers big time incorporating a brand new campaign and firefight mode as well as “Halo 3’s” famed multiplayer. Even with all these new features, its appeal to the more casual gamer is still very high.

In the new campaign, players now take on the role of an orbital drop shock trooper during the covenant army’s assault on the African city of New Mombasa. Set between “Halo 2” and “3,” in this crumbling metropolis, the story is decidedly different than the previous “Halo” games. “ODST” players do not have the advantages that master chief did.

Shields no longer recharge, jumping ability is significantly decreased, and the distance you can hurl grenades at enemies is also reduced.

Health packs are now found throughout the game to supplement no recharging shields and “ODST’s” also come equipped with low light visors, allowing them to highlight the world around them when visibility is rather low.

“ODST” lacks major weapon additions with only one new pistol.

Similar to the pistol from the original “Halo,” it is extremely accurate at long distances taking out enemies in a single head shot.

With all these new features “ODST” can sometimes barely feel like a “Halo” game.

A strong feeling of vulnerability looms over the single player of “ODST.”

Playing as a rookie trooper who wakes up six hours after his initial drop for most of the game makes you play completely alone and most of the experience is in nearly complete darkness.

This unique experience is thrilling and challenging as you may unexpectedly come across a covenant patrol or just one enemy walking across the ruined city presumably as lost as you are.

Firefight mode is “Halo’s” version of “Gears of War’s” horde multiplayer experience.

Up to four players can cooperatively take on waves and waves of covenant forces as they fly in on drop ships and are deployed.

A difficulty can be picked before the game is played and waves become increasingly challenging as you progress.

However, firefight rewards players on a point system as opposed to what number wave you can get to. At 200,000 points gamers are rewarded with an achievement for each individual map they fight to survive on. Firefight is extremely challenging and intense on a normal difficulty.

Enemies in “ODST” have fantastic AI and decision making skills. They will force you into corners and protect stronger enemies until they are close enough to deliver devastating blows.

There is also a ridiculous amount of diversity in enemy types per wave.

Between the intensity, artificial intelligence, and enemy diversity, firefight is easily the best part of “ODST.”

With all of these great new features contained in “ODST,” Bungie developers also included all of the bonus multiplayer maps, plus three new ones (including a mid ship remake!) on a separate disc for Halo 3’s stellar multiplayer.

The three new maps are small to medium sized and are great for the classic team slayer matches, two on twos and small objective game types.

All in all, “Halo 3 ODST” is a game that’s definitely worth the 60 dollars brand new, especially if you have not downloaded the 24 bonus multiplayer maps that Bungie has released for “Halo 3.”

Bungie seems to really have gotten back to its roots with this game, especially with its captivating and unique single player to go along with its top of the line multiplayer.

If you’re a gamer looking for an absolute-no-doubt-about it-sure-thing from a new release, this is it.

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