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   It comes to no surprise that the Philips Memorial Building has the coveted title as the most popular and beautiful building on campus. However, for one student, that building will become their new home for the fall 2012 semester.

  Cannotwaitforgraduation-year student, Carol Fritz, is ecstatic about the move.

  “I just couldn’t believe it! I was so excited! I love the building and to be able to live in it for a semester is just a dream come true,” Fritz said. “I just hope there are trees outside of my room so I can see the squirrels. I just love the squirrels at WCU.”

Carol Fritz, who majors in the little things with a minor in Steelers Football, won the chance to live in the Philips Memorial Building after submitting an essay about her favorite building on campus and why it represents WCU the best.

“It is just such a beautiful place to sit with friends,” Fritz said. “I always have to walk through the archway of the building; my friends always tease me, but they just don’t understand.”

Fritz talked about her love for the whispering arches, a tradition for students to whisper to each other through the arches where they can hear what the other is saying.

Fritz is a celebrated student, working as the Music-is-my-life Editor at The Quad and as peer educator for the Health and Wellness Center on campus. Fritz is also involved in other activities such as Circle Kool Kids as their secre-awesome-tary and Lambda Ate-a-Pie. Fritz also won an award from the WCU Humane Society for showing compassion and kindness to the WCU squirrels.

“That was one of my favorite accomplishments,” Fritz said.

Students were given the chance to write about their favorite buildings. Fritz figured that she might as well give the essay a try.

“It would be a dream come true, so why not try?” Fritz said. Fritz wrote about the Philips Memorial Building and the first time she saw the building during first-year orientation. “I just got cold chills when I saw it. It looked straight out of Harry Potter.”

Even though Fritz is not a huge Harry Potter fan, she still enjoyed the castle.

“I just think it shows WCU’s true spirit as a majestic school that produces smart, kind, and diverse students,” Fritz said. “This building gives me such Ram pride.”

Fritz comes from Smithfield, Pa., which is located outside of Pittsburgh. Moving to West Chester was a big adjustment, but one that Fritz has not regretted.

“I have met some of my best friends here and I just love them,” Fritz said. “Most of them are graduating in May but I am already devising a plan to hold them back.” Fritz says she is joking but if the woman can conquer the Philips Memorial Building, she sure can conquer the admissions office.

The Philips Memorial Building and the WCU squirrels aren’t the only aspect that Fritz loves about the school.

“Has anyone else noticed how gorgeous the birds are in the outdoor classroom by Merion? So pretty!” Fritz tweeted.

So how does Fritz plan to decorate her room in the Philips Memorial Building?

“With a ton of Grey’s Anatomy quotes around my walls,” Fritz said, further gushing about her favorite show. Fritz plans on recruiting her mom, sister, and her best friend, Taylor Swift to help her move into the room.

Fritz will be graduating at the end of the fall 2012 semester and so far, she is super excited for the future.

“I’m not quite sure what the future will bring. I hope to be working with an organization that promotes the adrenaline of live music, the importance of squirrels, Jodi Picoult books, equality for all, and the attractiveness of WTAE Pittsburgh news anchor, Andrew Stockey,” Fritz said. “I just hope to end up as successful as Hilary Clinton with the kind heart of my mom.”

Angela Thomas has been a WCU student since 1871, majoring in the politics of Harry Potter with a minor in Hermione Granger. She can be reached at Platform 9 3/4.

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