Tue. Jun 6th, 2023

As advertised, the season ten premiere of “Grey’s Anatomy” was a thriller that had its audience on the edge of their seats. With news breaking a few weeks ago that one of the main characters, Sandra Oh, who plays the infamous Cristina Yang, was leaving the show after this season, fans are wondering how they are going to wrap up her character. This season premiere did not disappoint in the slightest. It was a continuation of last season’s finale that left fans wondering, “Who will survive?”

As faithful “Grey’s Anatomy” fans know, at the very last minute of season nine’s finale, Richard Webber’s life was hanging in the balance after getting shocked in the basement. “Grey’s” fans had to wait months to know whether the former chief and respected surgeon would survive, and the answer finally arrived. However, in “Grey’s Anatomy” fashion, it took almost the whole episode to figure out who survived. At the beginning of the episode, everyone at the hospital was wondering where Richard was, including fellow surgeon and good friend, Miranda Bailey. Bailey had to make amends with Richard because in season nine, she stopped speaking to him. Bailey told Ross, who is an intern, to go find him, but instead, Ross sent his fellow intern, known as Mousy, down where she became electrocuted as well. “Who will survive?” Well, towards the end of the episode, we get the answer, and “Grey’s Anatomy” tricked us yet again! The previews for the show made fans believe that the beloved former chief had passed away with Derek Shepherd tear-stained face. This was not the case though, with much relief to the fans. Poor Mousy did not survive the surgery performed by the great Derek Shepherd.

Richard Weber is not out of the woods yet. He has a long recovery ahead of him, but thanks to Meredith Grey, he is alive. Richard chose Meredith to be his medical proxy after his wife Adele passed away. Meredith had a baby and major surgery in the season nine finale, so her head may not be in the best place to make major life decisions, but hey, Meredith Grey is not going to let anyone die on her watch.

As if the former chief almost dying is not enough, there is the Arizona and Callie drama. In the last episode of season nine, Arizona cheats on Callie with a surgeon. This was a huge surprise to all the fans because Arizona and Callie were finally on the mend from the plane crash drama. Callie finds out at the end of season nine when she sees that Lauren is wearing Arizona’s scrub top that has her wedding ring pinned to it. Callie gets revenge on Arizona in the opener of season ten by announcing to all their friends that Arizona cheated on her. That creates a lot of awkwardness, but Callie does not stop there. She will not speak to Arizona and then takes it even further by moving out of their apartment with Sophia, their baby without telling Arizona. She only went to Meredith and Derek’s house, but it made the viewers wonder if they will survive.

Then there is April and Jackson. Personally they are one of my favorite “couples.” Jackson and April have had a rollercoaster type of relationship. One minute, they are friends, and the next minute, they are hooking up, and then April does not want Jackson anymore. April actually ends up getting engaged to a paramedic, but she still has feelings for Jackson. In the season opener, April told Jackson that she wanted him, but Jackson rejected her because he is sick of getting tossed around. Then at the end of the episode, April tells her fiancé that she wants to marry him, so I guess audiences will have to wait and see what happens.

In the season opener, it is not looking good for Cristina and Owen’s relationship. Cristina and Owen are another couple who have had quite the roller coaster relationship. They were married, then got divorced, then got back together, and now their relationship has ended yet again. As a “Crowen” fan, I really hope that for Cristina Yang’s sake, she ends her time at the Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital on a positive note.

Who knows what is going to happen next in the coming weeks at the hospital, but knowing the Grey’s writers and the characters at the hospital, it is going to have us all on the edge of our seats.

Keeley Gould is a second-year student majoring in English. She can be reached at KG 787739@wcupa.edu.

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