Sun. Jan 16th, 2022

Not only is Fall my favorite season because of the beautiful weather and leaves, but it is the time when all of my favorite shows make their season premiers. While this may impact my schoolwork and studying, I cannot ignore the return of my favorite shows.

Online websites like Hulu and Netflix offer episodes from past seasons to catch up on.

I am ecstatic about the return of “Homeland.” After getting my wisdom teeth out last winter break, I finished the first two seasons of “Homeland” within a month. The show follows a CIA agent who falls in love with a POW, even though she believes he was “turned” while prisoner and now threatens the security and safety of the U.S.

For those of you who are a fan of “Homeland” and are anxiously awaiting its return just like I am, here is what to expect: We were left off in the season finale with a shocking explosion from a bomb that was held in Brody’s car that killed everyone at the VP’s memorial, except for Carrie and Brody. She helped him escape the country, but now does not know whether or not to believe that Brody was set up. Saul will now be the director of the CIA and we will start to see how the investigation of the attack unfolds.

While “Homeland” keeps me on my toes and makes me excited to see what will happen next, I resonate with the reality and veracity of the storyline of “Parenthood.” The show follows three generations of the Braverman family, who are put through trials and tribulations that are relevant in today’s day and age. For example, the Bravermans have gone through break ups, cancer, car accidents, miscarriages, adoptions, scandals, major fights, and more. However, they always seem to push through the hard times together as a family. I love how real the family seems, and I can only imagine how the rest of the show’s dedicated fans can relate to the Bravermans. While the Braverman family seemed to have ups and downs every week, they finished season three off on a happy note. I am looking forward to seeing what the Braverman family has in store for us on season four.

According to, revenge is “retaliation for injuries or wrongs; vengeance.” ABC’s soap opera “Revenge” lives up to its name. Based in the Hamptons, the show follows Emily Thorne’s return to her home with a new identity. Her goal: to avenge her father’s death. She plans to take down the Graysons, a rich and powerful family, who framed Emily’s father for a crime he did not commit, and who was responsible for his murder while incarcerated. For two seasons, her childhood love did not know who Emily really was, and the season finale ends with the big reveal. Will Emily and Jack finally be together? Will the Graysons find out Emily’s identity?

While thriller, suspense, and gore movies freak me out, the thrilling storylines of “Law and Order SVU” keep me at my feet each week. I love the dedication and perseverance of the detectives as they do everything they can to solve each case, even if that means putting their lives in danger. This season will unfold with Detective Benson held at gunpoint. While the stories in the show make viewers realize how insane this world is, it reassures that there are endless individuals dedicating their lives to protecting and defending us.

It is going to be a great season for my favorite TV shows and I cannot wait to see all of the drama unfold. Do not hesitate to pick up on a new show to watch when you take breaks from studying (it is a good reward).

Julie Singer is a second-year student majoring in both special education and middle grades education. She can be reached at JS

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