Due to an overwhelming suggestion to allow students to have pets in their dorm rooms, the Office of Residence Life and Housing has decided to allow students to have a pet on-campus. 

The rule on pets in residence halls still has limits though, with the pet only allowed to weigh less than 30 pounds. There is a limit of one pet per dorm room.

All roommates have to agree on housing a pet, despite if they share the space as a single room or multiple rooms.

If the program is perceived well by students, staff will make the rule change in the student code of conduct for the upcoming academic school year.

While pets are allowed in residences for the remaining school year, Resident Directors made it clear to their residents that at any point, a Resident Assistant can pull this privilege from the residents.

“I plan on bringing my cat back with me when I return from Easter weekend,” one student said. She wished to remain anonymous as she said she was taking home a lizard she illegally housed. She was trading the lizard to her brother as a compromise to have permission to bring back the cat she picked out when she was a high school student.

Both roommates are responsible for the volume of their animal and therefore they are subject to receiving a noise violation for the volume of their animal. In the result of ten noise violations, the judicial board hearing will have the right to remove the animal.

Ginger Rae Dunbar can be found at the Coach outlet right now.


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