Thu. Jun 30th, 2022


     Nielsen ratings for NBC’s “Parenthood” went up this week in the 18-49 age group, matching its high set earlier this fall. 

     Devoted fans rejoiced this past summer when NBC’s diamond in the rough, “Parenthood,” was picked up for a third season after the second season finale left uncertainties about the show’s future.  

     The third season premiered on Sept. 13, following “America’s Got Talent,” which seemed to help boost its ratings. 

      Almost every member of the Braverman clan  faced some type of adjustment during the season premiere. Joel and Julia were in the midst of trying to adopt a little brother or sister for Sydney. Sarah was acclimating herself to a home without her daughter, Amber, who moved out, as Sarah’s son Drew deals with the awkwardness of being a teenager. Newly-unemployed Adam and pregnant wife Kristina had their own personal obstacles to overcome while trying to prepare  their autistic son, Max, and teenage daughter Haddie, who was experiencing difficulties with her boyfriend, for their new baby sister, Nora. Crosby was adjusting to the single life while co-parenting Jabbar with ex-girlfriend Jasmine.

     Now, seven episodes into the season, more developments have been made, the most exciting one clearly being the rekindled flame between Sarah (played by Lauren Graham) and Mark Cyr (Jason Ritter). 

     The attraction between Sarah and Mark creates one of the most intriguing, heartwarming relationships currently on television. Fans find themselves completely engulfed in their romance, as Mark’s sweet, understanding persona bandages Sarah’s open wounds. Fingers are crossed hoping that her ex,  Seth (John Corbett), does not re-open them and scare Mark away.     

     Opposingly, most viewers would  surely agree that the worst change brought by the third season is Haddie’s distracting hairstyles; that, and the lack of screentime for the young adult Bravermans.    

      Nevertheless, this heartstring-tugging drama continues to please fans with the superb acting across the entire cast and the realistic, close-to-home-hitting storylines. 

     “Parenthood” airs on NBC every Tuesday at 10 p.m.

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