Sun. Jan 16th, 2022

Whenever I hear alumni talk about their college experiences, they all have one thing in common: everyone who has ever enjoyed their college experience has stepped outside of their social comfort zone. No matter what background one comes from, experiences and enjoyment are available for those willing to seek them. Most know from personal experience, taking chances and getting out there may often be unnerving, but it has always been worth seeking out new activities and groups of people. For that reason, it is necessary to find groups and attend events here on campus.
College is a unique place, a melting pot of culture and ideas. There is something here for everyone, and all new freshmen should seek out new people and work on building bonds that will greatly enhance their college experience. A closed door is not a good way to make connections and expand social circles. Instead, freshmen should spend time going out to different events and activities on campus. Just recently, West Chester University hosted the Fall Involvement Fair, where campus organizations all came together to promote their clubs and recruit new members. For those who missed the fair, the university webpage has a listing of all the clubs and groups on campus. Users can simply go to the home page under the “current students” tab where there is a hyperlink for a club search page. The page allows users to search for clubs by using keywords. There, an alphabetical listing of all clubs is also available.
Additionally, Sykes, Lawrence, and the academic buildings often have fliers advertising different events such as guest speakers of various accomplishments and professions. Students should take these chances while they are available, because any opportunity to learn something new is a good opportunity. Last year, West Chester invited speakers and hosted a discussion of various political and military situations, and how different countries are reacting to each other. While that particular topic may not interest everyone across the board, the point is, there is a plethora of opportunities to learn and grow on campus. Somewhere here in West Chester University there is something for everyone to enjoy.
If clubs are not a student’s favorite option, another way to get involved is by simply going out and talking to people. No one has anything to lose from having a conversation. If the conversation does not go well, there is no rule stating it must ever happen again, and if it does go well, it could be the start of something great. However, the bottom line is, nothing will happen tucked away behind a closed door.
Out of our entire lives, we only have a few short years to spend here in college. It would be a shame to spend that time closed in and tucked away. As a junior, I can say without a doubt I have obtained a great number of experiences here with my friends that I know I will hold onto for the rest of my life. So please, take my advice and try at least one new thing each day. You will thank yourself in the end.
Adam Farence is a third-year student majoring in history and French. He can be reached at 

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