Sat. Oct 1st, 2022

We spend a ton of time in college talking about ways to stay on top of homework, ways to beat the stress of finals season, ways to improve our resumes, ways to be sure we have a job after graduation, ways to ______________ (fill in the blank). Two thirds of the way through the semester now, and several big projects in, I’ve got the school thing pretty much down to routine, if not down to science. In the midst of it all, I find that sometimes what I really need is just a way to unwind.

So this week, I figured that instead of boring my readers with my thoughts about life, I would do a little informal poll of The Quad’s staff and see what our editors do to unwind. Maybe, if you are anything like me, you need some ideas for how to spend an evening away from your notes too.

1. Dr. Phil Thompsen, The Quad’s faculty advisor, unwinds by surfing the web on his iPad, and says he occasionally browses Wikipedia.

2. Clare, our news editor, reads to fill her spare time, and especially enjoys the Harry Potter series.

3. Colleen, our features editor, takes a drive and walks around West Chester’s parks to clear her head.

4. Ilana, our photography editor, takes pictures, and enjoys service work and sorority life when she isn’t busy with school.

5. José, our assistant photography editor, plays guitar, writes music, and makes art to relax.

6. Molly, our entertainment editor, watches Netflix to get away from things.

7. Oliver, our sports editor, enjoys working out his giant muscles.

8. Ryan, our assistant sports editor, true to his title, plays basketball and flag football among other sports.

9. Drew, our copy editor, simultaneously drinks tea and watches the Twilight Zone.

10. Jeff, another of our copy editors, sings and writes (funny, he is the only editor on the staff of The Quad who mentioned writing in his spare time).

11. Soon to be op-ed editor, Adam Farence, says he take long slow runs.

12. Lastly, our editor-in-chief, Kenny goes to the gym and watches Law & Order, SVU.

There are a thousand different ways to unwind, but make sure that even in the midst of a school routine, you always remember to take the time. Hopefully this list of activities we all enjoy in our spare time will help you out when you look for a healthy way to relax this semester.

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