Sun. May 26th, 2024

This past week a group of West Chester University students were lucky enough to attend an intimate concert at QVC Studios; I was able to part of the audience as well. The performer was none other than Phillip Phillips. Phillip Phillips is best known for his time spent on American Idol and his victory in the competition. He is also known for his song “Home,” which was the promotional song for the USA Gymnastic Woman’s Team during the 2012 Summer Olympic Games. Soon after the Summer Games he released his debut album titled, The World From The Side of The Moon. Along with Home, songs on this album include “Gone, Gone, Gone,” “Fool’s Dance,” and “Wicked Games.”
His songs usually follow the theme of life, love, victory and failure. Phillip Phillips’ metaphorical lyrics allow listeners to discover a lot about his life and his stories. He has been compared to many favorites such as Dave Matthews and Jack Johnson, and at the tender age of 23, his success is greater than his years.
The second Phillip Phillips walked out from back stage the audience cheered in excitement. The roar from the audience startled Phillip Phillips. At the sound of clapping and cheering, he ducked his head down and gave a humble wave hello. He took his seat and was very timid and shy to look up at all the cameras and people. Before he began to sing he was interviewed by the host and said, “This freaks me out.” During his interviews he was soft-spoken but a little “goofy.” Without trying, he was able to crack a few jokes and make the audience feel like they have been friends for years.
The time finally came for singing portion of the night. It was truly striking to hear how untouched his voice is, his soulful tunes and raspy edge filled the room. Not only can he sing, but also he can flawlessly play the guitar. Even though earlier in the night he expressed how nervous he was, you can tell the second he strums the guitar he forgets where he is and it is just him and his music. He is a respectful young man who is well aware of where he came from and how he started. And with this past year’s success he has not, in anyway changed as an individual or a performer.
Recently Phillip Phillips was nominated for The American Music Award’s Best New Artist. The award show is to air Sunday, Nov. 24. To vote for Phillip Phillips go to, and follow the directions.
Anjelica Finore is a second-year student majoring communications studies. She can be reached at

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