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The season of the new hit show “Related” came to an end on Monday, Mar. 20. The show is about a close knit family of four Italian sisters who overcome many obstacles. It is set in urban New York, where they live and where their father owns a deli. Ginnie, Marjee, Anne, and Rose Sorelli just enjoy each other’s company.The oldest, Ginnie, is a lawyer in the city and has a husband named Bob. In the season premier it is revealed that she is pregnant and she is surprised by it. Ginnie gets jealous when she finds out that Bob has been working with his ex- girlfriend, Kylie, for three months and didn’t tell her. However, she works things out with Kylie. Kylie doesn’t have a place to stay so Ginnie and Bob take her in. Ginnie continues to get more and more jealous because of the new living situation until finally, she has a fight with Bob about it. Kylie overhears and moves out and Ginnie is glad, but they stay friends. She begins to have some difficulties with her pregnancy and is ordered to bed rest. It doesn’t work and she tragically loses her unborn child. She and Bob are devastated and as a consequence, Ginnie begins to distance herself from her husband. Bob tries desperately to rekindle their love.

Anne is the second oldest and is a therapist. She finds herself having trouble with her love life. She and Danny, her boyfriend of six years, just broke up and she goes in and out of bouts of depression. Danny just opened up his own restaurant, is dating a new person, and has moved on. Anne goes in search of a new love too and comes across Marco, who works in her dad’s deli and who she has known for years. Just as it looks like her and Marco have a bright future, Danny comes back into the picture and professes his love for her. Marco disappears from the picture and she and Danny start where they left off. Around the time that Ginnie loses her baby, it is revealed that a few years ago Anne had an abortion, the baby was Danny’s. Ginnie is the only one who knows Anne’s secret, but she is angry that Anne had that choice, where as her baby was taken from her. Anne tells an unknowing Danny her secret and he is horrified that Anne could keep a secret that big from him for so long, and they go their separate ways again.

Marjee is the second youngest, an event planner, and is known for her typical carelessness when it comes to her relationships with men. When she sleeps with her boss’s boyfriend her sisters brush it off as her usual routine. However, Marjee finds herself falling hard for Jason. The two continue to sneak around with each other behind Trish’s back – the boss – until Marjee decides she wants more out of the relationship. Jason doesn’t seem to have the backbone to call it quits with Trish, so he and Marjee separate. Later, in the hospital when Ginnie loses the baby, Jason shows up to Marjee with a cut on his head where Trish threw something at him; he broke up with her. Since he and Marjee had both been fired because of their relationship they decide to go into business together. They face some obstacles thanks to the ex-boss, ex-girlfriend, but become more than business partners once again.

Rose is the youngest and is a college student who has trouble figuring out what she wants to do with her life. She changes her major from pre-med to experimental theater. In her first theater class she meets Alex, who she immediately has a crush on. He directs a play and Rose is the lead in it, that’s before she knows that she has to take her clothes of on stage, but she does it anyhow. Her relationship with Alex takes off and is going fine until Alex realizes that her best friend, Joel, really has feelings for her. However, Rose doesn’t think so, and she ignores Alex’s inquiries. The issue of sex comes up in their relationship and Rose is a virgin. Deep into the relationship Rose gives herself to Alex. It becomes more clear that Joel really loves Rose, and thinks of her as more than a friend. He kisses her, but Rose rejects him. Alex gets offered an acting job in California and decides to go, leaving Rose behind. Rose realizes she wasted the last two months of her life on him, not to mention her virginity. Meanwhile Joel moves on with a girl named Chloe.

A lot happens in the season finale. The girls discover a letter from Marjee’s piano teacher when she was a young girl. Apparently the man was in love with their mother, and he once gave their mother a key to a hotel room and wanted her to meet him there. The girl’s have no way of knowing what happened since their mom died when they were all very young. Bob is a sound technician and gets offered a job going on tour with Jack Johnson’s crew, and debates whether or not to go. His partner would be none other than the infamous Kylie. Ginnie is put in the same situation that their mother was once in, a young good looking man takes an interest in her and asks her over for a drink. She goes thinking that maybe that’s what she needs to get her life back on track, but she discovers that she could not betray Bob. She runs home to him, only to find a note saying that he decided to go on the tour. Marjee realizes that she can’t have a real future with Jason since he lied and cheated on Trish who’s to say he wouldn’t do that to her? She can’t have a boyfriend who she finds untrustworthy. Rose realizes her love for Joel and she goes to his dorm room and they make love. Anne goes to Danny and they talk long into the night. The girls’ father Joe is moving to Cape Cod permanently, and we find out that their mother could not betray her husband just like Ginnie could not betray her’s. The girls have to sell the deli which their father has owned for thirty years, it represents the end of their relationship with him as they know it.

The show is an exciting, drama filled series, and is one that all families can enjoy together.

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