Thu. Jun 30th, 2022

Cuts in the university’s athletic budget will lead to the elimintaion of six WCU sports teams.In a similar situation as Slippery Rock University, West Chester University has been faced with the fact that they must eliminate over two million dollars from their athletics budget.

At special meeting held last week to discuss the situation, after a heated debate, coaches and administrators came to the only unbiased decision possible. They will be eliminating all sports teams ending in the word ‘ball’. Sports affected include football, men’s and women’s basketball, baseball, women’s volleyball, and softball.

Administrators felt interest in these sports is lacking anyway and they did not want to get rid of sports teams that have won many championships, such as swimming.

The decision was also affected by a few recent letters to the athletic department stating the offensiveness of the names of these sports. Students writing the letters felt the sports were mocking those who do not possess ‘balls,’ also known as testicles. These students include the female population of the university and students who have been affected by testicular cancer, as they only possess one or less testicle or ‘ball.’

A student who wished to remain nameless, so as not to anounce his lack of testicles and ‘kill his game’ stated, “I have fallen into a deep depression because of the constant reminder made by these sports of my lacking in the male reproductive area.

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