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Senior softball player Adina DeHainaut is the starting pitcher for the Golden Rams. Although she recently just threw her first perfect game at the collegiate level, she no way considers herself a star.On Monday, Mar. 13, while the rest of the student body was enjoying their spring breaks, the West Chester softball team was rejoicing over DeHainaut’s perfect game against Bloomfield, N.J. in Ft. Myers, Fla. After facing the minimum 21 batters, she struck out eight hitters, leading WCU to a 4-0 win.

“I was just in a groove that day and it stuck with me. I was so focused and did what I had to do. It was such a relief when the game was over, because I had all of this pressure building up during the game. I knew I was on track to throw a perfect game, and so did the rest of the team. It was such a relief when it was over,” said DeHainaut.

The Golden Rams scored a few runs early in the game, and with the help of DeHainaut’s pitching that game, they were able to hold the lead to capture the win as a team.

“It really was a team effort that day. It was such an amazing game. Everyone had an opportunity to do something great for the team,” said DeHainaut.

DeHainaut is currently 8-5 on the season, with a total of 74 innings pitched thus far. She is currently the starting pitcher, starting 9 games this season, with freshman Shannon Padula as the other pitcher for the Golden Rams. DeHainaut has been a member of the pitching team all four of her years at WCU.

DeHainaut fulfills another large role on the team; she is the senior representative of four co-captains. This is her second season in a leadership role, and she loves every minute of it.

“I enjoy it so much because I’ve always been more of a leader rather than a follower. I’m like the motivator on the team, trying motive the other players to perform their best.”

Before her freshman season with the Golden Rams, DeHainaut was very well acquainted with the sport of softball. She started playing T-ball at the ripe young age of six, and her love for the sport continued to grow. Her family was also very much softball oriented. Her father was a softball coach, while her mother was in the very first Babe Ruth softball league team in her area. DeHainaut and her older sister became members of this very same league in their youth, as well.

DeHainaut tried field hockey and swimming during her high school career, but “I just didn’t have the same love and passion for them as I did for softball,” said DeHainaut.

Like many other athletes, DeHainaut has a few superstitions she always adheres to when it comes to pitching.

“I do my hair a certain way for as long as we’re doing well. Whenever we mess up, I’ll change the style. All throughout the game I always stand in the same spot, put my glove in the same spot, and watch the team from the dugout in the same spot and same standing position. I have no real reason for doing this. It’s done more out of habit,” said DeHainaut.

After she graduates from WCU, DeHainaut plans to pursue a career teaching elementary kids. As for softball, she would love to coach at some point in her life and probably play in some summer leagues.

“I just can’t imagine my life without softball in it,” said DeHainaut.

As for the rest of the softball team, the team is looking very promising and the Golden Rams are hoping to be the comeback team this year.

“This year, we have an unbelievable team. We’re a fighter team. We battle back for every win. This year’s team has the best team chemistry I’ve seen since I’ve been here. We’re a very different team this year from last year. Everyone enjoys the game and plays with a lot of heart. It’s refreshing to see. I think that the perfect game was just a great start for what will hopefully be an amazing season,” exclaims DeHainaut.

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