Thu. Jun 8th, 2023

Say goodbye to the days of summer when catching rays at the beach and spending money on things that were a “necessity” were the top priorities. Now say, hello to the beginning of the semester when one realizes that those “necessities” were not as important as $500 worth of books for the semester. The empty wallet indicates that it is time to get a job, and what better place to find one but at WCU? A good place to start looking would be in Sykes Student Union. There are bulletin boards located on the first and second floors with a designated area for employment opportunities. The postings are for places on campus, in West Chester or in the surrounding areas within driving distance.

While a person is in the student union, s/he could check out the bookstore to see if they are hiring. The employees are mostly students, and the hours scheduled work around the class schedule.

Another employment opportunity in Sykes is working for the Student Union itself. Union Associates and Student Directors are two positions that allows a person be a part of running Sykes. Union Associates are students that assist people at the information desk, the fitness center desk and the copy center. Student Directors set up the meeting rooms, act as a supervisor to other Sykes employees and make sure that Sykes is running smoothly.

Fitness is important in everyone’s life, and the Fitness Center in Sykes have Fitness Center Floor Monitors and Fitness Center Coordinators. The Floor Monitors are in charge of assisting the students with use of weight equipment and exercise machines, cleaning the center and monitoring the activites of the Center. The Coordinators are there to provide helpful tips on physical fitness, weight training and nutrition. Both positions require certification in CPR and first aid. Go to the Fitness Center and inquire about open positions.

Food is an essential part of life, so why not get involved with food services? The dining services at WCU hire students to work at any of the food locations on campus. A person can become a cashier, a cook or a student manager. Again, they work around the employee’s class schedule, and the worker can eat for free during his/her shift. For more information, check out

If a person has taken courses at WCU, and s/he has a good grasp on the material from a 100-level or 200-level course, the Learning Assistance & Resource Center are always looking for tutors in most courses. A tutor helps a student with a class that s/he is having difficulty in by developing different strategies to make the course work more understandable. The LARC is located in 223 Lawrence Center, and more information is located on the LARC link on the WCU website.

Also on the second floor of Lawrence Center is a bulletin board with classified ads pertaining to child care. Many of the families who post are within the West Chester area or are within a reasonable driving distance from campus.

If a person is a first-year student and does not have a car on campus, any of the restaurants and shops in town are always hiring. They might put a flyer on the bulletin board in Sykes or have “Help Wanted” signs posted in the windows of businesses.

The beginning of the semester is always a stressful time, especially with buying books and supplies and worrying about money. Take the stress off and find an on- or off-campus job. That way, the money a person earns can be saved for next semester. Any extra money can go towards those “necessities” that have to be bought.

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