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On Oct. 25, WCU communication studies professor Dr. Thompsen had 76ers announcer Marc Zumoff as a guest speaker for his COM-212 class, Mass Media Communication.

Zumoff provided a stimulating lecture on job placement and stepping stones to building a career. The sportscaster gave COM-212 real world guidance and summarized his career path, as well. He placed an energized emphasis on internships in his advice to the class.

Within Zumoff’s discourse he revealed the truths about how to get a career in what one wants to do, rather than just getting a job after graduation. He expressed a yearning to get to the youth to really seize opportunity within our reach. “In order to achieve a dream you have to be unconventional…Keep your options open, be flexible!” Zumoff said excitedly. “The number one thing you have to do is believe in yourself.”

Among the various topics Zumoff discussed, internships were a primary objective. He told his story and how he landed the impressive career he has today as the play-by-play announcer for the Philadelphia 76ers. Mentioning that he worked at KYW Radio as an intern and emphasizing the importance that role has in shaping careers, the sportscaster really identified with the students in Dr. Thompsen’s class.

This Philadelphia native gave specific advice to students on how to network and enter the business world. One example he gave is sending an email to a “high-up” in a prospective company mentioning a connection you have to that person. Whether it be a mutual friend or something else, anything can connect those two people. He summarized the steps of getting a career: “Go out and make friends. Get to know people! Whatever it is you want to know-ask!” Zumoff said.

Through his insightful lecture, Zumoff bestowed a gift to every student in COM-212. He worked to get an idea for what kinds of careers the students were interested in at the beginning, and followed with the steps to actually execute to make that dream job a reality.

The sportscaster enthusiastically laid out the proper plan of attack to make a career out of something one loves to do. That really is everyone’s goal, is it not? To be able to wake up, turn off the alarm and actually want to go to work as opposed to some dreary desk job the person dreads going back to every morning. Zumoff cited a pivotal quote he credits to author Robert Kriegel: “Passion helps good people to do great things.”

The broadcaster’s visit to Dr. Thompsen’s class gave over one hundred WCU students the opportunity to see first-hand how humble someone so successful and well-known can be. Thanks to Marc Zumoff and his contributions to the communications class, those one hundred students are that much more prepared to take the education from this school and actually go out and use it to make their dreams into reality.

Nicholas Devoe is a fifth-year student majoring in English with a minor in journalism. He can be reached at

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