Sun. Jan 16th, 2022

Sometimes the most wonderful things we receive are rather small, but that does not mean they do not bring us a great sense of comfort and joy. West Chester University is hosting its 16th Annual Bear Fair in hopes of providing teddy bears to children in hospitals and children in need during the holiday season. The Bear Fair will be collecting teddy bears, as well as monetary donations from Nov. 1-30. Many of the teddy bears that are collected are given to children who may have to undergo surgery, have recently lost a family member, or have even lost everything they own. The Bear Fair is a great opportunity to participate in making someone’s holiday season a little brighter and even providing someone with the support they need and the happiness they seek. Although a donation will make a great impact, it is extremely easy to participate in this event. You can acquire your own collection or collaborate with a group to donate during the month of November. The Bear Fair Committee suggests donating teddy bears that are at least six inches tall. The most popular teddy bears are found to be soft and cuddly and between eight to 15 inches. They also request that all donations are new teddy bears. This year’s goal is to collect over 4,000 teddy bears and deliver them to well-deserving homes. As we become immersed in our busy schedules and concentrate on our own agendas, we must all do our best to understand how much even a small item like a teddy bear can lift a child’s sprit or bring them happiness when they need it the most. There is no such thing as receiving too many bears; there is always a child who can benefit from the generosity. For more information and/or to sign up and participate, please contact West Chester University Office of Service-Learning and Volunteer Programs at WCU at 610-436-3379.

Nicole Danik is a student at West Chester University. She can be reached at

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