Wed. Jan 26th, 2022

Alright “Smilers,” your favorite, Miley Cyrus, is at it again. When Cyrus appeared in the commercial promoting the European Music Awards that aired on Nov. 10th, we only imagined what more raunchy excitement she could possibly stir up across the Atlantic Ocean. The commercial featured the host of the show, LMFAO’s Red Foo, in airport security when, low and behold, the security guard unzipped his suitcase to find a curled up Miley Cyrus inside sporting a smug grin. We all know the many faces of Miley Cyrus, given they have been shown on almost every media outlet in the world, and we all have come to realize that the face is no longer an innocent one.
Her performance at the European Music Awards definitely proved true to her new mentality. Cyrus opened the show, floating down to Earth in a metallic space ship, with her custom rocket ship mic in hand, wearing a silver metallic turtle neck dress as she began to sing her hit song, “We Can’t Stop.” Of course it would not be a Miley Cyrus performance if there were not some amount of twerking involved, even if this time it would be without Robin Thicke and the infamous foam finger. Instead, Cyrus decided to take her twerking to another level, backing it right up into one of her little alien dancers. Her opening performance, shockingly not as obscene as the one from the VMA’s, was perfectly over-the-top for the opening act, only anticipating more for the rest of the show.
In fact, the only truly exciting parts of the EMA’s were Cyrus’s performances (yes, I mean multiple performances). Her second performance was 100 percent raw emotion. As a Miley fan, I enjoyed being able to hear her vocals as the centerpiece for the performance of her hit, “Wrecking Ball.” Suprisingly, she stood still the entire time, and it really added to the emotion of the song and showed off her amazing talent.
Getting down to some more serious business after finishing her second performance, she accepted her EMA for Best Video. As usual, Cyrus stayed on stage far longer than anticipated, thanking her fans and Terry Richardson, but that was not all. Cyrus then began reaching into her purse, jokingly saying she could not fit the award in there, but she “could fit this,” showing the audience what “this” was: a long, small white object that resembled a cigarette. However, it certainly was not a cigarette, instead it was a tightly rolled joint full of marijuana. She proceeded to pull out her lighter and even lit up right on stage, blowing the smoke toward the audience.
Like many of the people I talked to after the show, I can honestly say that I was pretty shocked watching this live. We all would expect something like that to happen if Snoop Lion was on the stage or even Wiz Kahlifa, but really, Miley Cyrus? There has always been a thick line between what you can and cannot do on live television, but Cyrus obviously was not interested in following anyone’s rules. She continues to talk about her illegal drug habits, sing about them, and take pictures, making her new “pothead” lifestyle apparent.
Although Miley Cyrus has not been the best role model in the world recently, she is definitely using the media to her advantage. She has been strategic with her constant unpredictable behaviors, which keeps the media and her fans quite interested in both her and her new music. So the next time you are thinking about dissing Ms. Cyrus, just remember, all press is good press for Cyrus. Whether people want to talk about her negatively or positively, talking about her at all only increases her popularity.
Her fame began so early when she started out as the Hannah Montana we all know and love. Now, her fans are constantly asking, “What went wrong?” I cannot help but think she is so completely lost in trying to find herself that she is just attempting to be someone else instead. Even when Cyrus was on the Disney Channel, she still was not really being herself, as she took on the persona of Hannah Montana. I truly think that getting caught up in so many different personalities has caused her to forget where her roots are.
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