Sat. Jun 3rd, 2023

The West Chester University women’s golf team continues their great season with another strong performance earlier in the month at the Dr. Edwin Cottrell Invitational where they finished in second place.

Despite the difficult weather, the team was able to keep focus and put forth a great performance, while pleasing head coach Doug Hendricks.

“Overall, I’m happy to finish in second place for the Dr. Edwin B. Cottrell event. I consider it a building block to finish first in the near future,” Hendricks said. “We played in very challenging conditions so it was a good test for the mental side of the game.”

Gabby Couture, a freshman, scored an 87 and finished second overall at the event.

“Gabby has had a great first year,” Hendricks said. “She is very competitive and has a strong desire to improve her game.”

The outing just added to a great season for the golfers as they continue to improve. Coach Hendricks feels the team is heading in the right direction.

“Overall, I’m happy with our progress,” Hendricks said. “It takes time and a real commitment to become a complete golfer. It’s a learning process, especially playing tournament golf. Focusing and making good decisions for 18 holes is a challenge for any golfer.”

“I believe each player is starting to understand their strengths and weaknesses. I’m excited that the entire team has plenty of talent and can continue to improve in the future.”

With a two week break from tournaments, the team had time to prepare for the next tournament at the Navy Invitational in Annapolis, Maryland.

“We are the defending champions of this event, so we are focusing hard on our short game the last couple of weeks,” Hendricks said. “I’m hoping for a real team effort this weekend. It’s a real honor to play in this event.”

West Chester University’s men’s golf team will be heading out to Indiana (Pa.), to play in the Cecil Spadafora Invitational. The team will be looking to improve on a dissatisfying performance earlier in the month at the Dr. Edwin B. Cottrell Invitational where they finished fifth of six teams.

Head Coach Harry Hammond was “disappointed” with the teams overall performance, but believes the weather could have played a major factor.

“The weather certainly wasn’t the best on either day and it did have its effect with all of the players,” Hammond said. “However, West Chester players failed to adjust to the conditions during their play and their scores reflected that lack of adjustment.”

Understanding that the weather will continue to challenge the golfers, Hammond knows his players must adjust.

“Spring golf requires players to play in weather conditions that add to this difficult game,” Hammond said. “Mental toughness is important for each of them to handle the weather and manage their game on the course.”

Despite the team’s overall struggles, WCU players Austin Mann and Connor Lefever finished tied for seventh individually, and continue to improve their game.

The Cottrell Inivitational was held at Penn Oaks Golf Club, a course familiar to WCU golfers. However, the players seemed to have struggled in the short game, an area coach Hammond has been trying to improve on for the upcoming Cecil Spadafora Invitational.

“The focus has been on all facets of the short game and putting. With the players challenged to complete the nine stations it set up for them each day,” Hammond said. “As I watched their play at the Dr. Ed Cottrell Invitational, it was obvious to me that this area of the game was where we needed to work.”

Even with their struggles in the last two tournaments, the team still feels they are headed in the right direction.

“Golf challenges the player every day,” Hammond said. “The challenge to the team is to have four good scores each day of a tournament round. The team has done some very good things over the past season, and finishing strong at the next two tournaments should ensure an invitation to the NCAA Regional tournament being held in Hershey, Pa.”

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