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  On Tuesday, Oct. 25, West Chester University held a Study Abroad Fair for students inside of the Sykes Ballrooms from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m

   This event gave students the chance to gain insight on a multitude of options when it comes to spending a summer, semester, or year in another country. 

  Inside of the Sykes Ballrooms, tables were set up by different programs presented from different schools.   

 Each table had a representative for students to talk to, and a great amount of information for them to take as you please.   

  In charge of the event was Angela Howard, the director of study abroad programs. She stressed the importance of this event and the opportunities that it presented to students on campus.   

  The study abroad program gives students the chance to enrich their lives and network with new people that could very well become life long friends. 

  This gives students the chance to separate themselves from others when applying for jobs. Whether students are studying abroad for a long period of time or a short one, studying abroad is something excellent to put onto ones resume. 

  At the Study Abroad Fair there were alumni that students could speak to about their own experience. The Study Abroad program is an opportunity all students on campus are welcome to obtain.

  If students are interested in this life changing opportunity, students cango see their adviser to get the information to make this happen.

Meghan Nieves is a student at West Chester University. She can be reached at

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