Mon. Jul 4th, 2022

“The album is finally out,” popular singer, Dev, shouted to the audience during her April 17 concert at The Trocadero in Center City, Philadelphia.

She was known for the longest time as the girl who provided the back-up lyrics for The Catarac’s and Far East Movement’s top 40 single, “Like a G6.” Now, Dev is making big waves for herself, producing and singing top-40 songs with artists like Enrique Inglesias and Fabolous.

Her debut album, “The Night the Sun Came Up,” was released in March of 2012. However, before her debut album was released, Dev teased fans with singles like “Killer,” “In the Dark,” and “Bass Down Low,” before releasing her very own anticipated album.

The 22-year-old pop sensation performed both songs from the new album as well as performing the song that skyrocked her to fame, “Like a G6.” She mixed things up a bit by including techno and dubstep tracks into her songs, with fans screaming, jumping, dancing, and enjoying themselves. Although her partners during both “Like A G6″ (The Cataracs and Far East Movement) and “Naked” which featured Enrique Inglesias, were both absent during the performance, Dev made the song her own and did a fantastic job without either artists.

Dev has started a trend in the music field, creating a pathway for young women with a unique style to enter the industry with no shame. Her collective sound can range from hip-hop to pop-rock while providing an indie-edge to her image.

During the show, Dev thanked her fans as well as dedicating her song, “Perfect Match,” to her fiancé, Jimmy Gorecki and her baby daughter, Emilia Lovely. Dev brought an energy to the audience that was like no other, laughing and joking with the DJ on stage, dancing with her back-up singers, and waving, blowing kisses, and shaking hands with her fans. She was endlessly thanking her fans for making her the artist she is today.

Dev has three more gigs left in Pennsylvania. She will be performing at York College of Pennsylvania on April 26, at The Crocodile Rock Café in Allentown, Pa. on May 2, and The Community Arts Center in Williamsport, Pa. on May 7. For more information, visit

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