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On Friday, April 13, a versatile group of fans lined up outside of the Trocadero Theater in Center City, Philadelphia to see The Ting Tings perform live. One fan held a sign, asking The Ting Tings if she could play the guitar during their 2008 hit single, “Shut Up and Let Me Go.”

Interacting with fans outside of the theater, the excitement was apparent. One fan said that they were excited for The Ting Tings to play.

“It was my birthday two days ago, so my friends bought my ticket for my birthday,” the fan said. Like that fan, my Ting Tings ticket was also bought for my birthday.

While excitingly waiting outside of the theater on a warm and sunny day, we discussed the songs that we hoped The Ting Tings would play. Songs like “That’s Not My Name,” “Soul Killing,” and “Hit Me Up Sonny” were the few named out of many that fans hoped would be played. Sadly, the only thing that disappointed me during the concert was the lack of presence of my personal favorite, “Soul Killing.” However, the concert as a whole was one of the best that I have seen.

While most fans were dancing along to The Ting Tings most popular song off of their debut album, “We Started Nothing,” which was released on May 16, 2008, that sign-holding fan was brought up to the stage to play part of the guitar riff to “Shut Up and Let Me Go.” Before bringing the lucky fan on stage, The Ting Tings teased the audience, playing the beginning part of the song and encouraging fans to clap along before diving hard-core into the song, where loyal fans sang their hearts out to The Ting Ting’s most known tune.

This is how their entire set was-encouraging and adoring their fans.

The Ting Tings released their second album, “Sounds from Nowheresville” in March of this year. The album, one of their strongest, launched The Ting Tings’s current tour around the United States and the world.

Bringing with them a fresh sound that does not stray too far from their original, The Ting Tings opened up with their song, “Silence,” off of their second album. Lead singer and guitarist, Katie White, hopped onto the stage, encouraging the audience to be silent while Jules de Martino, guitarist, drummer, and vocals for the band, began playing the beginning guitar riffs for their song, “Silence.” Audience members were drawn to White’s seductive, powerful voice as she sang the lyrics “hold, hold your tongue now and let them all listen to your silence.” As the song sped up, fans were blasted into the core of the song, jumping and dancing around to the beat.

The whole show was electric from then on, with de Martino and White playing and singing in harmony under the bright and flashing strobe lights.

“Thank you Philly for having us,” White shouted to the audience. “This is the best crowd we have had on tour.”

The Ting Tings played a collection of songs from their debut album and from their new album.

The petite White danced and belted out the words to “Hit Me Up Sonny” off of their new album, “Sounds from Nowheresville,” getting down on the stage to shake hands and sing to the fans. De Martino joined in with supporting vocals, casting out adoring fans who were excited to see both talented musicians back in the music scene.

Many jokes were thrown around by fans, and even while standing in line, there was the occasional out-of-tune admirer cranking out the lyrics of “That’s Not My Name,” which by popular opinion is the Ting Ting’s most recognized and entertaining song. However, as fun as the song is to sing, it is even more amazing to listen to White sing it.

If there ever was a band that was exhausted after a show, it was probably The Ting Tings. The band “brought down the house.” Their show was an energetic mix of both the old and the new, bringing together both the young and the old to enjoy this band’s eclectic music and unique style.

Overall, The Ting Tings brought a style that was both familiar and unique to a crowd that was mesmerized by the music.

Angela Thomas is a fourth-year student majoring in English. She can be reached at 

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