Thu. Jun 30th, 2022

Dear Editor,I would like to thank the Quad and writer Hannah Sutin for the recent article focused on English Department course offerings in relation to WCU student interest. There was one quotation attributed to me that was inaccurate, and I would like to correct any misunderstanding or misinformation that may result. It is true that the English Department strives to be responsive to cultural trends within the field of English studies. I stated in support of this claim that my faculty has proposed a tenure track hire in Middle Eastern Literatures because we are fully aware of the importance of the Middle East today. We are also aware of our lack of a tenure track faculty member trained to instruct students in this area. We do hope that we will be approved for such a hire sometime soon.

Anne Herzog

Chairperson, English Dept.

Dear Editor,

Michael Vick: The leading NFL quarterback in rushing yards and scores, responsible for leading the Falcons to the NFC Championships in 2005, went to the ProBowl in 2002, ’04 & ’05 (Who2). Vick: Agreed to start an animal fighting venture in 2001, sponsored Pit Bulls in dog fighting through 2007 then agreed to kill 6-8 dogs for bad performance whom died from collective efforts including Vick’s (Rosenburg). In 2005 Eagles safety Brian Dawkins stated “[Vick] has a gun for an arm” which these animals may have seen first hand since dog fighting losers “sometimes were electrocuted, drowned, hanged or shot” (Cluff & ESPN). Vick, unscathed by his malicious deeds, continued life as normal. While innocents suffered he landed a 10-year Falcons contract worth 130 million dollars. A maximum sentence is not only well-earned but justice for those innocent lives taken, in part, by a man who cared more for his own (Who2). Vick’s official website lists special move the 360 degree spin that “leaves defenders dazzled, bewildered, and confused.” This complete turn from public athlete to secret abuser is sure to have that affect.

Laura Valentin

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