Sat. Jul 13th, 2024

Despite members of the track and field team being injured, WCU had a great showing at the invitational held on March 27th at 10 a.m. at John A. Farrell Stadium. Among the teams that competed in the the meet were Cheyney University, CCNY, Albright College, and Cabrini College. One of the stand out competitors who competed in a variety of events was Senior Tanya Novik. Novik competed in the women’s 100 meter dash, the 200 meter dash and the long jump.

In the 100 meter dash Novik ran her way to victory as she beat out seven other competitors for the win. Novik won the 100 meter dash with an impressive time of 12.4 seconds.

She also placed 1st in the 200 meter dash with a time of 26.40. She also long-jumped her way to first place with a height of 4.98 meters. Michelle Phan from WCU came in second with a jump of 4.82 meters.

Other impressive highlights from WCU’s track and field team was the 5000 meter which only WCU competitors competed in. Sandra Kuserk came in first with an incredible time of 20 minutes and five seconds. Coming in second was WCU’s Meghan Digerolamo.

Also, WCU’s Heather Kinner sped by CCNY’s Ana Valhov to place first in the Women’s 400 meter dash. In the women’s 100 meter hurdles WCU’s Jamie Gilber took first place with a time of 17. 9 seconds. Coming in second was WCU’s Lauren Frank with a time of 18.80 seconds. In the high jump event it was a WCU dominated event as well meaning only WCU athletes participated in this event. Coming in first place for the high jump was Lauren Frank with a height of 1.46 meters. In second place was Noreen Rearden with a height of 1.34 meters and in third was Michelle Phan with a height of 1.25 meters.

The women’s pole vault event consistecd of only one competitor and that was WCU’s Lori Belinski who leaped to a height of 2.74 meters. In the women’s triple jump WCU’s Michelle Phan placed first with an excellent jump of 10 meters. Coming in second was WCU’s Noreen Rearden with a jump of 9.6 meters and WCU’s Jamie Gilbert with a jump of 9.42 meters.

In the women’s shotput WCU took first place as well. Nicolde James threw for a distance of 3.64 meters. WCU’s April Beattie placed third with a throw of 2.76 meters and WCU’s Beth Foser placed fifth with a throw of 2.60 meters

Overall WCU’s track and field team had a great showing at their invitational. In the next meet, the Golden Rams track and field team will compete at College Park, MD.

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