Sun. Jan 16th, 2022

During the fall semester, students were encouraged to invite their families to campus for Family Weekend. Each spring semester, however, students are able to partake in Sibling Weekend, which took place Saturday, Feb. 7 in Sykes Ballrooms.Hosted by the Residence Hall Association, Sibling Weekend offers students who are obligated to stay on-campus during the semester a chance to reunite with their family, brothers, and sisters.

Events are planned throughout the day, with plenty of time in between the activities so that families and pick and choose which programs they wish to attend. Though family members of all ages are encouraged to attend, many of the programs have a generally younger feel, though overall they are enjoyable.

Throughout the day, different craft stations were set up in the first two Sykes Ballrooms, along with a giant blow-up basketball game for entertainment between programs.

All of the main events hosted by RHA were also located in Sykes. Some of the main events included a “lizard man” and a magician. Also tuned to the theme of Sibling Weekend was the Sykes Theatre movie: High School Musical 3.

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