Mon. May 16th, 2022

LogicPad is a free social academic network for universities to help strengthen relationships between students, professors, and even international students.

“It is a place for discovery, organization, and social discussions,” said LogicPad founder and former West Chester University student Kehinde Roberts, Class of 2012.

 “It’s exciting to create something for the students, where we can connect education in one place,” Roberts said, whose new program debuted this fall online, “We want learning new skills to be fun because education can be fun,” he said.

Down the line, according to Roberts, students who register to use LogicPad will have a resting dashboard with opportunities to explore and have access to news from social sites, trending subjects, global news from top news sites ,and even available courses.

The goal of LogicPad, according to Roberts, is to eventually get all universities around the world to use the program.
One unique feature of Logicpad is that students are provided with a way to avoid spending hundreds on college textbooks each semester.

The next version of the program, which is coming out in the next few months according to Roberts, will include a unique feature for the selling, renting, and buying of usually high-priced college textbooks among college students.

 “LogicPad makes textbook exchanges easier for all students. When students know they can eventually sell their textbooks to other students and get the money back, they buy it to begin with- and everyone wins,” said Roberts.

Students, on their profiles, are able to add courses for the semester, find the textbooks they need, and buy them at an affordable price from either previous students or Amazon.

Besides the textbook aspect of the new program, LogicPad is also a great way to perfect relationships between professors and students, students and students, and even students with international students.

“LogicPad users can watch seminars from other universities such as MIT and Harvard for free, and apply the new content to what they learn at their own university,” Roberts. said  Students can also, according to Roberts, socialize with students from other universities, comment on videos of seminars, interact with professors, and watch free YouTube links to seminars from highly ranked universities.

 LogicPad decided to integrate YouTube into its program because it will let students and professors from around the world share lectures, instruction, and knowledge.

Keeping in mind that social networks are a great way for people around the world to share interests, Roberts thought it was important to “create a world where people have the opportunity to learn and better themselves through education equally.”
In the future, LogicPad is looking towards expanding as an app, where iPhone users can even scan the barcode of a textbook and add it to the website, including the price the textbook is going for. The program is also estimating to have an increase in the number of students participating as the new applications are released.

Besides social networks, Roberts has been getting the word out about LogicPad by speaking at some WCU classes. The classes that were presented to LogicPad on Oct. 10 & 11 were among some of the first students that were introduced to the new program. After a thorough walkthrough of the program, students will start to use and get the word out about this unique new program.

Julie Singer is a first year student majoring in special education and middle grades preparation with a minor in reading. She can be reached at

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