Tue. Jun 6th, 2023

On Feb. 6, Sykes Student Union held the spring Organization Fair. The Sykes ballroom was filled with students representing their groups, clubs, and causes. As always, it was a great display of the diversity in West Chester University. It was great opportunity to walk around and interact with everyone there. One of the most noticable things was the many fraternity and sorority tables. Although the Greek life organizations had a large presence in the ballroom there was still room for other tables. There were many different clubs to learn about, such as the American Market Association, Students for Life, and Muslim Student Association. Each of the tables had something special to show and each was manned by its own enthusiastic student. Of course some of the more memorable tables gave special treats to those who would come by. Notable was SAC, which handed out free soda. Although the treats are always good, it is important to take in the message that each table is giving out. It shows the commitment that the group has to man a table all day in order to get more people to learn about the organization.

Walking through the event table by table provdes one interesting view of the event, but participating behind one specific table provides another perspective, as well. Being part of an organization and working at one of the tables can give students a chance to see the fair from the other side. It is sometimes difficult to reel people in to give them information about the group in question, but to do it is very rewarding,

This is an important event because it gives students the chance to be involved. Many of the students in attendance in the ballroom were freshmen. They were just beginning their second semester. Since they had gotten their feet wet with college life during the fall semester, it is only natural to want to see what else there is out there for them. This is the opportunity that the organization fair gives.

Of course, this is not only open to freshmen. Anyone who wants to get involved is welcome at future involvement fairs. For students who missed this organization fair, the best way for them to get involved is to create an account on OrgSync by going to orgsync.com/login/west-chester-university-of-pennsylvania and selecting the “Register Now” option. There are over 250 organizations linked to West Chester University’s OrgSync. It is never too late to try something new.

Jack Barnett is a fourth-year student majoring in history and political science. He can be reached at JB723722@wcupa.edu.

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