Wed. Jun 29th, 2022

Friday Feb. 20 marked the end of an era in morning radio, as “The Adam Carolla Show” went off the air permanently. Rumors began to circulate earlier in the week on the show’s message board that the end was near, and those rumors were confirmed on-air by Carolla on Thursday. He said that the decision was the result of a station wide format change from talk to top 40 hits, and that all of the other hosts on the station were being let go as well.

Carolla, who was born in Philadelphia, has been a mainstay in talk radio for almost 14 years. Prior to “The Adam Carolla Show,” he worked on “Loveline,” a call in show where he and Dr. Drew Pinsky would counsel teenagers and adults on issues of sex and love.

Despite his success on “Loveline” most will remember Carolla for his days opposite Jimmy Kimmel on “The Man Show,” which the two co-created and co-hosted on Comedy Central from 1999 until 2003.

In late 2005, Carolla was hired by KLSX, a talk station in Los Angeles to replace Howard Stern, who was leaving for satellite radio. Carolla would replace Stern on the west coast, while former Van Halen front man David Lee Roth would take over the east.

Roth’s show lasted a little over four months, while Carolla made it over three years. This may have something to do with the fact that Roth had no background in radio when he was hired, while Carolla has spent the previous ten years on the very highly rated “Loveline.”

Carolla, a longtime friend of Stern’s, brought in VH1’s Rachel Perry to read the news and Dave Dameshek to cover the world of sports.

Together they worked to create a different kind of morning radio show, smart while at the same time funny, and far from what Carolla referred to as “morning zoo” shows. These were shows with crazy names, (think: “Boomer and Floor Wax and “Shotgun and McCain”) that usually consisted of a lot of yelling into the microphones and the time, news, traffic and weather were given every couple of seconds. Essentially these were shows where listeners could go and shut their brain off for four hours a morning. Carolla’s goal was to provide a source for insightful morning talk, which was also not afraid to dabble in gross-out humor.

Carolla succeeded, but at a price. Early chemistry with Perry was lacking and she was soon let go. After a series of temporary

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