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Phi Sigma Sigma sorority’s annual overnight rock-a-thon in front of Chris’s Pizza to support The National Kidney Foundation began Wednesday, Oct. 3 at 12 p.m.While students may have expected to see a band or two, they got something else. Phi Sigma Sigma rocks, not with microphones, but in rocking chairs. In the past, the rock-a-thon lasted 24 hours. This year, it was extended to 48 hours.

While the girls rocked, baked goods were sold. The earnings from the baked goods and the rock-a-thon donations went to support The National Kidney Foundation.

In the past, the rock-a-thon was held in front Ehinger gym ,but security guards were needed in order for the event to take place, therefore it was moved to Chris’s Pizza.

Katy Landis of Phi Sigma Sigma sat outside of Chris’s for her first four-hour shift at noon on Wednesday. In the past, Phi Sigma Sigma has raised around $400, and they were hoping to more then double that with the extra day.

Although it did rain a little bit, that did not stop the girls from rocking. Along with Landis were sisters Allison Wudarski and Christine Samarin fulfilling their four-hour shifts. All three girls commented on how great Thursday night was.

With all of the students out and about, they received a lot of donations on Thursday night. Landis explained that due to an emergency, the fundraiser was cut short. However, it was still a successful rock-a-thon for them.

The women of Phi Sigma Sigma want to thank all of those who came out and supported them last week.

At the Oct. 4 Inner Greek Council meeting, the women of Phi Sigma Sigma asked for donations from the greek community for those greeks who could not make it out to Chris’s Pizza to support them. They are happy with the outcome and are excited to do it again next year.

The chapter has been supporting The National Kidney Foundation since 1971. It was expected that throughout the 48 hours, all 65 members of Phi Sigma Sigma will do their fair share of rocking.

The Phi Sigma Sigma rock-a-thon is a tradition at West Chester University that has been held for the last 17 years.

Although this was the first year it was pushed to 48 hours, the tradition will stand on, and the women of Phi Sigma Sigma will continue to rock on at West Chester University.

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