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  West Chester University football teammates and coaching staff ended the season with a 4 – 3 Conference record. Like most people on the field, E.J. Sandusky grew up playing football before becoming a coach.

  This season he coached the running backs. Before joining WCU for his fifth season, Sandusky coached for Albright College for 11 years, including 10 years as their head coach. During this time, Albright won three ECAC championship game.   

   E.J. Sandusky is one of the six adopted children of Jerry Sandusky, former defensive coordinator coach at Pennsylvania State University (PSU). Jerry was recently indicated on 40 counts of related sexual abuse which occurred over a 15 year span.

  Sandusky politely declined comment via e-mail saying “at this time my siblings and I are not commenting on the allegations against my father.”  

 After Sandusky received harassing phone calls, the Athletic Director had requested the web master to remove Sandusky’s bio and contact information from the athletics website. 

     His information was removed by Nov. 14.

 Sandusky graduated from Penn State in 1992. While attending Penn State, he played football under former head coach Joe Paterno. E.J. Sandusky started as center on the PSU Nittany Lions team. His father retired as the assistant coach in 1999.

 Jerry Sandusky founded the Second Mile Charity. It opened in 1977 to foster children and now serves nationwide, including prevention, early intervention, and community-based programs and services, according to the website

   Paterno and Graham B. Spanier, university president of PSU, were fired for failing to report allegations from 2002 against Jerry Sandusky to law enforcement officials. They also received criticism for not reporting the abuse. Jerry Sandusky has an early December court date for his alleged abuse from 1994 to 2009.

   E. J. Sandusky has 19 years of experience as a coach and is also a member of the American Football Coaches Association since 1993, according to the website

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