Fri. Jun 9th, 2023

West Chester University is on the verge of becoming one of the top notch schools of the century since the revelation of the University’s own internal debit card.Within the next year, students will be able to purchase food at locations both on and off campus, buy textbooks, purchase tickets to campus events, and even do their laundry, all at the swipe of a card. The card can even be used at campus vending machines.

The new and improved Ram E-Card will take the place of the current Ram Card student ID. It will continue to work as a meal card with flex, and extra money can be put on it, but not taken off.

However, flex dollars can be carried over not just from the fall to the spring semester, but all the way up through graduation, at which time they can be paid back to the student.

The new Ram E-Card will not cost students anything. Replacement fees will stay the same as they are with the Ram Card.

The incoming freshman for 2004-05 will be the first to receive the new ID at summer orientation, and then current students will be re-carded. Students will not have to pay a fee to be re-carded unless they want a new picture.

SSI Director Mell Josephs says the goal of the card is “to improve development of service to students, faculty and staff, and the visiting communities.”

E-Cards are already popular at other universities, and West Chester is just beginning to catch up. Planning for the Ram E-Card has been going on for several years. A pilot program will begin this month.

“Its the everywhere card,” said Brad Sorrels, a junior here at the university and member of SGA’s Ram E-Card Committee.

“The only problem that students may have with the new Ram E-Card is that they may lose track of the fact that it is still money,” said Sorrels.

To help students to budget their account, there will be online access available to students with the use of a password. There they will be able to see a list of all of their transactions.

There is a new campus card office located next to the SSI ticket window. This will be named the “Ram E-Card Office.”

“This will really make things a lot more convenient for students here on campus. You won’t have to worry about carrying around cash or running to the ATM when you just need a snack,” said Samira Harris, a junior here at WCU.

The only time that the Ram E-Card will not be accepted once it is implemented will be to buy alcohol, at tattoo parlors, or to get into bars.

The Ram E-Card is presented by Student Services Incorporated (SSI).

Students should contact the Student Government Association (SGA) with any questions at 610-436-2956.

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