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Throughout pre-college years, many students had their laundry washed, pressed, folded and magically left on the bed just a few short hours after it was dropped into the laundry room. After moving to college, some students were in for a rude awakening when it came time to do their own laundry. Laundry day for many West Chester University students means worrying about having quarters on hand, waiting for a washer to open up in the residence halls or campus apartments, hauling a laundry basket packed to the brim down the over-crowded elevator while trying to squeeze in one more person and balancing laundry detergent and room key with a free hand at the same time.

If this sounds familiar, there is a new service that may cure the laundry blues. Krispy Klean Campus Laundry Service now offers West Chester University students the option of having their laundry done for them. With the Krispy Klean Web site offering quick and easy registration, reasonable prices, and the slogan “fresh as a daisy,” Krispy Klean seems like a pretty good deal. Krispy Klean offers service plans that can be paid per semester, as well as individual dry cleaning options.

With each service plan, your laundry will be picked up at your residence hall or campus apartment at a set time once per week, collected in a Krispy Klean laundry bag, washed individually with detergent and fabric softener, folded, and returned in a fresh Krispy Klean bag within 48 hours. It is necessary to purchase the Krispy Klean laundry bag.

The bag is offered in two colors- red and blue and the account number will be printed on the bag. Bags may be purchased from the company for $10. This is done in order to keep each student’s laundry separate and ensure that all items will be returned without delay. Pick-up and drop-off times are distributed after payment is made, and are generally scheduled during the early evening hours, but can be negotiated if a student has evening classes. For safety reasons, students must present a form of identification when clean laundry is dropped off.

The Krispy Klean service plans offered include: Mini Klean at ten pounds per week for $175 per semester, Mr. Klean at 15 pounds per week for $225 per semester, and the Most Popular Klean at 20 pounds per week for $300. If you are hesitant to commit to a certain plan, Krispy Klean also offers the Per Pound Klean for a fee of $1.29 per pound, with a ten pound minimum.

Laundry is weighed after pick up, separated by color and all personal property must be removed from clothing prior to pick up. If a student goes over the weight limit that their plan defines, they are billed an extra $1.29 per pound. The dry cleaning service offered includes shirts, pants, sweaters, suits, jackets and even comforters. The charge for comforters is $20. Payment options include credit card or personal check, and if a student forgets to drop off their laundry during their designated time, no refund will be given. The Per Pound Klean Plan must be paid by credit card.

The services that Krispy Klean offers can save students a great deal of time and aggravation. For more information about the services offered, visit the Krispy Klean Website at or 610-892-9394.

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