Sun. Jul 3rd, 2022

It was the fraternities versus the sororities in the West Chester University version of Battle of the Sexes on Wednesday, Feb. 25 in Sykes Student Union Ballroom. The event was sponsored by Phi Sigma Sigma to raise money for Dancing for Dreams.

The evening began with gender specific trivia questions posed to members of the opposite sex.

Shannon Chalfont, the organizer of this event, came up with many challenging, yet humorous questions, like, “What is the official season for wearing white shoes in the United States?” or “How many lug nuts are on the average American car?”

Round two consisted of Greek Life specific questions. If the team answered Kappa Delta Rho for the question, “What fraternity was founded on the sixth floor of Ramsey Hall” the team would receive a puzzle piece. The first team to complete their puzzle won the points. The third round was a race with three people bound together, two of whom were blindfolded.

The center person had to lead the threesome around the ballroom, and then assemble the letters of the Greek alphabet in alphabetical order. One contestant was lead into the wall, but her team still won, helping the Sororities win with 65 total points. Although the event was quite entertaining, the students were there for a serious reason.

Through tee shirt sales, Dancing for Dreams.

Dancing for Dreams is a fund raiser for Camp Dreamcatcher. The camp was started over five years ago by Patty Hillkirk as an escape for children ages five to 16 who are “coping with the HIV/AIDS infection of a family member, the death of one or both parents, or their own HIV/AIDS infection.”

The camp, located in their feelings of fear, sadness and anger, with adults who understand, and with children who may share their burdens.”

Dancing for Dreams will be held at West Chester University on April 3. All students are encouraged to attend and participate from 12 noon to 12 midnight in Hollinger Field House. Anyone interested in participating can fill out a registration form at their Web site:

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