Tue. Jun 6th, 2023

On March 19th, sixteen men competed to see who would be “Man of the Year” in the second annual Mr. WCU competition. The competition included an opening dance number to the song “It’s Raining Men,” followed by casual wear/introduction, talent, formal wear and an onstage question.Talent this year ranged from singing and dancing to juggling and riding a unicycle, and every contestant did his best to win over the audience. During the introduction segment, each man had the opportunity to share why he felt he should be crowned Mr. WCU. Most gave humorous answers, touching on what makes them different from the rest of the competition.

The second runner up was Anthony DiJiacamo, a junior with a triple major in accounting, finance and management. His talent was a tango dance, and he cited “any time in high school” as his most embarrassing moment during the onstage questioning. First runner up was Tom Hunsberger, a senior majoring in elementary education. He felt that he should have been named Mr. WCU because he “has been here for four years and still eats in Lawrence every day.” His talent was playing the saxophone. Both runners up are brothers of Delta Chi.

Matthew Ziegler was crowned Mr. WCU 2009 after winning third place last year. A senior kinesiology major, he displayed a number of talents Thursday night, including playing piano and guitar, singing, hula-hooping, juggling, riding a unicycle, spinning fire and dancing to Beyonce’s hit “Single Ladies.” When asked why he should be named Mr. WCU, his response was “If you like me, then you better put the crown on me,” and the judges did.

Jenn Rothstein can be reached at EICQUAD@wcupa.edu.

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