Sat. Jul 2nd, 2022

Four out of eleven football games will be played in Farrell Stadium and fans are making it known they arenʼt happy. Even so, there is some logic to the shortage of home games. First, let it be know that it was WCUʼs turn to go to Glenville, since that game was played here last year and every year the teams switch who plays at home. Second, one of the teams that WCU would have played at home ended their football program.

Many fans feel that this is an “inhouse job,” and that the university is trying to pull a fast one on students. “They increase the tuition and now they are messing with our football!” one male student said.

According to Jennifer Kerns, the associate director of public relations and media relations for the National Collegiate Athletic Association, there is nothing wrong with the lack of home games WCU is hosting this

“There are no NCAA restrictions on how many home or away games you must play. There is, however, a limit each year on the maximum number of games that a school can schedule. In Division II, a school is allowed to
schedule no more than 11 regularseason games,” Kerns told The Quad in an e-mail.

This information can be found in the NCAA 2004-2005 Division II Manual.
To get to the Division II Manual on our Website, go to, and click
on “Legislation and Governance,” then “Rules and Bylaws.” Youʼll then
see “Division II Manual” under the heading “Bylaw Resources.”

Tom Di Camillo, director of sports information for WCU, said starting with the 2005-2006 season, there will be five home games and five away games, which will give fans only one more game at home than this yearʼs season.

Come out and enjoy the four home games. They will be as followed:

10/2 – versus Kutztown
10/9 – versus Millersville
10/30 – versus Bloomsburg
11/6 – versus Shippensburg

Keep in mind that some games are away at other universities, but are still close to campus, like next weekendʼs game versus Cheyney.

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