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The “Say No to Neon Tour” featuring the band Valencia is scheduled to take place at West Chester’s The Note this Friday, March 20th.A pop/punk alternative band from Philadelphia, Valencia stepped onto the scene in March of 2005, after signing with I-Surrender Records. With their unmistakable talent they are recognized as reviving the pop/punk genre; a genre which is undoubtedly coming to its end.

Their first album, “This Could Be a Possibility,” was released that fall and was re-released the following September. The 10 tracks off the album were notably compared to “The Early November” and “Hidden in Plainview,” two bands of the same genre.

Valencia has found ways to personally connect to their fans by adding a sound all their own; creating music that continues to portray the stereotypical emotional side of punk, while giving a fresh, new look on what the future holds for the ever changing genre.

Members of the five-piece band include: Shane Henderson (vocals), Maxim Soria (drums), Brendan Walter (guitar), J.D. Perry (guitar), and George Ciukurescu (bass), who all met while playing in separate bands around the Tri-State area.

The local band has dominated the underground music scene, touring the United States, Japan, and Europe. Their “Say No to Neon Tour” will conclude in Australia for the Soundwave Festival.

They were recognized as SPIN band of the year in 2006, and were a finalist for the title of Band of the Year. The success comes as no surprise to the avid listeners of the band.

The music they produce is a reminder of why the pop/punk genre has yet to fade away.

In May of 2006, their touring was at a standstill, after the tragic death of the lead singer’s girlfriend.

Valencia is currently signed with Columbia Records and recently released their latest album “We All Need a Reason to Believe” in August of last year.

Taking us on an 11 track journey inside the emotive life of the band, Valencia succeeds in reminding us the power and influential effect that music bestows, and the passion that it evokes.

Included in the album is the song “Where Did You Go?” which recently progressed into a music video, giving tribute to their hometown of Philadelphia. The rest of the songs are currently available on Itunes and the band’s MySpace page, as all the songs from the two albums have since been leaked on the internet.

When it comes to the fans, Valencia has an underlying message for the choice of the tour’s title: “Think about what you support, what you listen to, what you spend your money on, etcetera. Take your time and think about the things you spend your time on,” guitarist Brendan Walter said. “Life is short, so spend your time on the things that count and what matters, not all the fluff and ‘neon’ that is out there.”

Playing alongside Valencia this Friday is Houston Calls, You Me and Everyone We Know, and The Goodnight Anthem. Doors Open at 5:30pm. Tickets are currently sold out.

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