Fri. Jan 28th, 2022

Another academic year has just about passed us by and it will soon be summer. Summer is a time filled with sun, beaches, swimming, and of course concerts. This summer looks to be a hot one with several top acts touring the country. Britney Spears’ “Onyx Hotel” tour has been through parts of North America so far and Spears is currently on her European leg of the tour, but she will return to North America on June 22. The tour’s premise is an onyx stone, which reflects different lighting depending on the light source. Just as this happens, the “Onyx Hotel” is a place where guests can check in and have their different fantasies come out into play. The show features several of Spears’ latest songs from her album In the Zone. Of course several of Spears’ past hits are featured as well. This tour has been said to be her sexiest effort to date, as it features revealing costumes and many types of sexual innuendos like two men taking each other’s clothes off. Spears has already made a stop in Philadelphia, but she returns to the area on July 12 at the Tweeter Center at the Waterfront in Camden, N.J.

Fellow pop diva Christina Aguilera hits the road again in May for a revamped tour. Christina joined forces with Justin Timberlake last summer on the “Justified/Stripped” tour, but now she is setting out to headline her own tour with special guest Chingy. Aguilera’s show comes to the area a few days after Spears on June 19 at the Tweeter Center at the Waterfront.

Pop icon Madonna will be embarking on a world tour this summer too. Her tour, aptly titled the “Re-Invention” tour, promises to offer a wide array of songs from past to present. The tour will promote her most recent album American Life, which was released last year. This looks to be the biggest show of the summer since nearly all venues have needed to add additional dates after ticket sales began. Several shows are sold out, most notably an impressive six shows at New York City’s famous Madison Square Garden and four shows at London’s Wembley Arena. Madonna comes to the Wachovia Center in Philadelphia on July 4, which is sold out, and July 5.

Another top artist hitting the road is Prince. It has been years since Prince has been on tour, but he is returning this summer. His latest album Musicology has received great reviews and his shows are selling fast. His tour kicks off on May 23 in Raleigh, N.C. He comes to the area on August 22 and 23 to the Wachovia Center.

Legendary rock group Van Halen will be setting out on tour this summer as well. They are coming to the Wachovia Center on June 16 and 17.

Other notable names coming to the area this summer are Sarah McLachlan, John Mayer, and Jason Mraz. McLachlan will be playing at the Wachovia Center on July 31. Mayer will be coming to the Tweeter Center at the Waterfront on August 18. Mraz will be coming to the Tower Theatre in Upper Darby, on May 21.

This summer is shaping up to be a lot more than just fun at the beach. There is a diverse bunch of talented artists making their way to the area, so save up money, go get a few tickets, and enjoy a summer of music and fun.

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