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As long as college students have been fending for the cheapest meal, macaroni and cheese has become a staple in the college student’s everyday consumption.  Everyone is familiar with the Kraft brand of macaroni and cheese. With mac n’ cheese being one of the top comfort foods of the United States, companies are always trying to find new varieties to spice up America’s favorite home dish. 

Recently, West Chester, Pa. has welcomed a new restaurant into its arms.  Ash’s Naked Noodle and Cheese, located a short distance from campus on Church Street, is not your average restaurant.  Ash’s Naked Noodle and Cheese caters their food to accommodate macaroni and cheese lovers. However, this variety is much more gourmet than the average Kraft brand. With a sign outside of their restaurant saying “The Perfect Couple,” it becomes clear that their mission is to represent macaroni and cheese as the most decadent couple ever, a goal which they have achieved.

When visitors first walk in, they are greeted by the nice and attentive staff. Not only is the staff wonderful but so is the atmosphere. Ash’s Naked Noodle and Cheese has almost a magical, rustic feel to the environment with white lights strung up and candles on each charming, wooden table.  The restaurant could be a perfect date spot and it can also serve as the perfect place to go out to dinner with friends, a sports team, organization, or just by oneself. 

Visitors are shown a menu and are given careful instructions on how the menu works.  Customers can order specialty macaroni and cheese. Recommended is the Grilled Cheese which is a baked noodle topped with 5 cheese sauce with butter toasted crostini. Customers can also order creamy macaroni and cheese “your way,” where customers can add toppings at additional costs. 

Toppings such as different meats, vegetables, and cheeses are an additional three dollars.

A medium pan of macaroni and cheese costs $5-7 dollars and a large pan costs between ten and $13. 

One of the amazing things about Ash’s Naked Noodle and Cheese is that customers can get two to three meals out of the pans. The staff is amazing and their customer’s satisfaction is their number one concern along with fast service. 

The great thing about Ash’s Naked Noodle and Cheese is that they are open until 3 a.m. on Thursday, Friday, and Saturday. This caters to the late- night crowd who might need a late night snack.

With macaroni and cheese being dominated by name brands, it is refreshing to find a restaurant that brings homemade macaroni and cheese at a great cost to a small town like West Chester.  Stop by Ash’s Naked Noodle and Cheese located on 18 South Church St. to experience the best gourmet macaroni and cheese this town has to offer. 

The restaurant is open Sunday through Wednesday, 11 a.m. to 9 p.m. and Thursday through Saturday, 11 a.m. to 3 a.m. Check them out on Facebook for daily specials and additional information.

Angela Thomas is a fourth-year student majoring in English. She can be reached at

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