Sat. May 25th, 2024

How many students would love to study abroad? What about visiting the beautiful rainforests of Costa Rica or the historical cities of Spain, or learning French in the romantic city of Paris and possibly finding love? Do you have a passion for delicious food? Where else can you find that but in the stone-cobbled streets of Italy? Have a desire to learn the classic languages, or visit Cyprus or Greece? Students can find a number of study abroad programs offered by West Chester University and the Department of Languages. The study abroad program building is located on Rosedale Avenue, only a few doors down from Sykes student Union. The Department of Foreign Languages is located in Main Hall. There is a department for Spanish, Russian, Italian, French, Latin and many more languages. Students can speak with the head of the departments or find sheets hanging up within the hallways to sign up for programs. Teachers running programs to other countries will have informational meetings, providing students with information about flights, tuition for the programs, and what programs are offered in different countries. There are semester-long study abroad programs in Spain, Cyprus , France and many more countries.

Students do not need to be a language major to study abroad. There are plenty of classes offered abroad that fulfill electives and general education classes. Whether majoring in biology or sociology, students can take classes to fulfill minors or electives. The experience itself is worthwhile and breathtaking. It is an opportunity that once students take, they will never regret. Take the opportunity to stop in the study abroad building located on Rosedale Avenue, in Main Hall, or check out the website

Suzanne Brady is a fifth year student majoring in Spanish education. She can be reached at

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