Sun. Jul 3rd, 2022

Married couples are hopeful that holidays will bring happiness in their relationships and homes, the kind of happiness that keeps couples together through their struggles. When no such joy comes, couples seek out divorce lawyers. Couples who have been considering a divorce tend to file for it beginning in January, right as their children have started school again. While kids are at school, parents can meet and have a discussion with a divorce lawyer. Some parents, not knowing how to inform their children of the divorce, hope that their children will confide in a friend at school to talk about their parents’ split.

According to the website, divorce lawyers have no specific reasons why couples get divorced most often in January and February. Divorce lawyers typically hear from couples inquiring about divorces beginning around Sept. 5 steadily until Thanksgiving. Not until after Jan. 2 will divorce lawyers start to have more potential clients. Couples tend to seek divorce lawyers until the first of June. Holidays and summer vacations tend to keep married couples together. Romanic times spent together may let couples decide to work out their marital problems, or help work on problems.

Couples not finding a spark in their marriage during the holidays tend to at least speak with a divorce lawyer. Other reasons that cause couples to file for divorce after the holidays include being snowed in with their spouse. The bad weather conditions may give spouses the cabin fever in their own homes. The time spent inside can lead to more arguments.

Arguments occurring while couples are stuck indoors are another reason couples seek out divorce lawyers beginning in the New Year.

Couples that file for divorce through a lawyer can expect to pay ten-thousand each. According to the website couples who come to agreements will have costs around thirty-five thousand.

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